Pesticide Fumigants. Ban

Original Language Title: Plaguicidas Fumigantes. Prohibición

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GRAINS GRAINS Act 27262 pesticide fumigants. Ban.
The Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: ARTICLE 1 - prohibited in all national jurisdiction the use and/or treatment health with any type of pesticide fumigants in grains, products and by-products, grains and oilseeds during load in trucks and/or wagons and the transit of these up to destination.
ARTICLE 2 ° - the enforcement authority implemented the single form for transportation on national jurisdiction in trucks or wagons for grains, products and by-products, grains and oilseeds, which as an annex I, with a (1) page, forms an integral part of this standard. To facilitate compliance, the enforcement authority may establish its electronic version and remember the collaboration of other public bodies national, provincial or municipal.
ARTICLE 3 ° - the single form for the inland transportation of grains in the national jurisdiction will be compulsorily made and subscribed by persons, natural or legal, private or public, holders or responsible for the freight of grains and seeds and their products and by-products in trucks or wagons, in the national jurisdiction. Form will have the affidavit that the products mentioned were not treated with any pesticide fumigant during their load in truck or wagon, or be subjected to any treatment with them during transit to its destination.
ARTICLE 4 - the trucks and cars used for the transportation of grains and seeds, and their products and by-products shall be desinsectados after each unloading operation. The regulations will establish methodology and the corresponding deadlines.
ARTICLE 5 °-them people physical or legal that stored in their facilities or transported low its responsibility grains, products and by-products, cereal and/or oilseeds, must keep them free of insects or Arachnids live.
ARTICLE 6 ° - the enforcement authority the carrier will enter into agreements with their provincial counterparts for the collaboration in the control route of all truck carrying grains, seeds, their products and by-products, opportunity in which together with the relevant transport document or manager must display the form for the inland transportation of grains in the national jurisdiction containing the affidavit required by this law.

( ARTICLE 7 °-the infringement and the lack of compliance with it willing in the present law are subject of them following sanctions, without prejudice of them responsibilities civil, criminal or of another order that can go: to) fine equivalent to the price of sale of the day of it transported; (b) confiscation of the merchandise. In the case of recidivism, the envisaged fines are multiplied by the number of violations committed. The character of recidivist will result when the infringement or the violation occurs within a period of five (5) years preceding the date of producing a new.
ARTICLE 8 °-invite is to the provinces and to the city autonomous from Buenos Aires to adhere to the present law.
ARTICLE 9 °-communicate is to the power Executive national.
-REGISTERED UNDER NO. 27262 - MARTA G. MICHETTI. -EMILIO MONZO. -Eugenio Inchausti. -John P. Tunessi.
ANNEX I law N °... Buenos Aires, July 21, 2016 under prescribed in article 80 of the Constitution, I certify that the law No. 27.262 (IF - 2016-364854-APN-SLYT) sanctioned by the HONORABLE CONGRESS OF THE NATION June 30, 2016, has been enacted in fact of July 21, 2016. Give is for your publication to the address national of the registration official, turn is copy to the HONORABLE CONGRESS OF THE NATION and, for his knowledge and others effects, send is to the MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT and to the MINISTRY OF AGRIBUSINESS. Fulfilled, archived. -Clusellas.

Date of publication: 26/07/2016