Declared Of National Interest The Control Of Plague Lobesia Botrana

Original Language Title: Declárase de Interés Nacional el Control de la Plaga Lobesia Botrana

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INTEREST national interest national law 27227 declared of national interest the Control of plague Lobesia Botrana. Adopted: 26 November 2015 fact promulgated: 22 December 2015 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: article 1 - declared of national interest controlling the pest Lobesia botrana.
Authority for the application of this law article 2 ° - will be the Ministry of agriculture, livestock and fisheries of the nation, through the national service for health and agro-food quality - SENASA - within the framework of the national programme for the prevention and eradication of Lobesia botrana created by resolution of the national service for health and agro-food quality - SENASA-729/2010.
Article 3 ° - the enforcement authority will have delivery to the wine producers of the issuers of pheromone to the implementation of the technique of sexual confusion, or the inputs required for the use of any technique in the fight against the scourge that is superadora of the above-mentioned, facilitating measures to make the strategy to implement widespread and simultaneous character on the properties that are in areas with presence of insect depending on the results of the monitoring official plague carried out the aforementioned programme. They will be in charge of the beneficiaries operating expenses for the placement and maintenance of transmitters.
Article 4 ° - the wine producers will be beneficiaries of this law during the first four (4) years of enacted and regulated the same. Starting from the fifth (5th) year, producers must continue to plague control measures.
Article 5 - the producers of establishments in which it detects the presence of plague later at the beginning of the entry into force of this law, will incorporate as beneficiaries for the long lasting assistance.
Article 6 ° - the national service for health and agro-food quality - SENASA - conform and will coordinate a technical Committee which will participate INTA and the health bodies provinces wine with presence of the plague, in order to carry out a plan of comprehensive control of the plague efforts to bring forward the following actions: to) participate in the preparation of regulations necessary for the enforcement of this law; b) plan the actions of control of the pest Lobesia botrana shall carry forward the beneficiaries of this law; (c) define the technical guidelines for the acquisition of the supplies needed to carry out the control of plague; (d) define the training needs of the farmers for the use of the control technology; (e) establish the procedure for the distribution of the control inputs; f) develop the procedure for reinstatement by the producers; (g) submit an annual report on State of situation and preview of the program before the competent committees of both chambers of the Honorable National Congress.
Article 7 ° - the national executive branch shall have the allocation of a budget special, in accordance with the provisions of annex I, which forms part of the present, which will be added to the existing national program for the prevention and eradication of Lobesia botrana - created by resolution of the national service for health and agro-food quality - SENASA 729/2010 - for the purposes of enabling compliance with the present law. Heading suit, then, as reported by the implementing authority according to the possible spread of the plague.
Article 8 - products for the application of the technique of sexual confusion with pheromones, shall enjoy the following tax benefits: 1. exemption from import duties, rate statistics and other charges levied on import, including value added tax; 2. exemption from the tax on value added throughout the marketing process.
Article 9 ° - empower the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers of the nation to reassign headings necessary to comply with the provisions of this law.
ARTICLE 10. -The enforcement authority will regulate the procedure through which the wine producers, according to the annex I of the present progressive scale, reinstate the program the corresponding percentage of inputs and the sanctions to be applied in cases of non-compliance. Reinstated by the producers sums be specifically affected the acquisition of inputs required for the use of the technique of control must be carried out in the following seasons.
ARTICLE 11. -Communicate to the national executive power.
-REGISTERED UNDER NO. 27227 - JULIAN A. DOMINGUEZ. -GERARDO ZAMORA. -Lucas Chedrese. -John H. Estrada.
Annex i.-draft of law of Control and eradication of Lobesia botrana date of publication: 23/12/2015