Environment-Declared Conservation Area To The So-Called "field General Belgrano", Located In The Department Capital Of The Province Of Salta, National State-Owned.

Original Language Title: MEDIO AMBIENTE.-Declarase area de conservación al denominado "Campo General Belgrano", ubicado en el Departamento Capital de la Provincia de Salta, propiedad del Estado Nacional.-

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20090068 Legislative Assembly - Republic of EL SALVADOR _ 1 _ index Legislative Decree No. 68 the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of EL SALVADOR, considering: i. that the existing delineation between the municipalities that comprise the Department of San Salvador, does not conform to the present development of registry technology and territorial measurement; as to the existing circumstances of social and economic development of the country.
II. registry technology and models currently available photogrammetric by the national registration centre; It is possible to carry out a delimitation and precise demarcation of those limits.
III. who has developed a process of dialogue between the municipalities involved with the assistance of the national centre of registration and the geographical Institute and the national land registry, causing in this way the preparation and signing of the Act of municipal limit AGUILARES - SUCHITOTO with reference no. 0601 - 0715, which is taken as the basis for the content of this Decree and attached as an integral part of it.
IV. that the Municipal Code in its article 23 establishes that it is Faculty of the Legislative Assembly to enact the definition of the territorial limits.
V. Pursuant to article 131 ordinal 5 ° of the Constitution is competition of this prime organ of the State Decree, authentically interpreted, reform and repeal secondary laws.
Therefore, use of his constitutional powers and initiative of the deputies César Humberto Garcia Aguilera, Mario Antonio Ponce López, Gaspar Armando Portillo Benitez and the exdiputados Noel Abilio Bonilla Bonilla, Isidro Antonio Caballero Caballero, Jose Ernesto Castellanos Campos, Roberto Eduardo Castillo Batlle, Nicolás García Alfaro, Vilma García Celina de Monterrosa, big Jesus, Marco Tulio Palma Mejía, Miguel Ángel Navarrete Navarrete and Ricardo Silva Argüello Héctor.
DECREES: Article 1.-is established as the boundary between the towns of Aguilares and Suchitoto of San Salvador and Cuscatlan departments, the following: point trifinio's home, point number one. The boundary starts at the intersection of the North boundary of the property, the plot of three hundred seven, of the R Sector zero one zero six zero one, with the Acelhuate River; with coordinates: length equal four hundred and eighty-three thousand, five hundred fifty-eight point forty-five metres; Same latitude, three hundred eighteen thousand, five hundred and seventy-three, eleven meters point. Considered this point as number one and mojon trifinio for the towns of Aguilares, Legislative Assembly - Republic of EL SALVADOR _ 2 _ index legislative El Paisnal, both belonging to the Department of San Salvador and Suchitoto, Cuscatlan Department. The adjacent to this point are the plots with cadastral code numbers: three hundred seven, zero sector six, zero one, R zero one, for Aguilares; three hundred eighteen, sector zero zero, six five, thirteen R, for El Paisnal and the pitch one hundred thirty-five, cadastral sheet zero seven three hundred seventy and one zero three, five hundred, belonging to Suchitoto.
Unique journey. Point number one to point number two. Heading southwest, through the central axis of the Acelhuate River, upstream, with a distance of three thousand, nine hundred sixty-three, point ninety-eight meters, to intercept the quebrada San Lucas. This being the point number two, with coordinates: length equal four hundred eighty-one thousand, seven hundred and eighty-eight point thirty-five meters; Same latitude, three hundred fifteen thousand, five hundred twenty-six point eighty-five meters. Leaving for the municipality of Aguilares plots: three hundred seven, two hundred eight and two hundred three, zero sector six, zero one, R zero one; one hundred eighty-seven, one hundred seventy-four, one and one hundred seventy-three, zero sector six, zero cent, two zero R, and for the town of Suchitoto plots them one hundred thirty-five, one hundred thirty-six, one hundred forty-three, all from the cadastral map zero seven three hundred seventy-one, zero three, five hundred, plots one and three both of the cadastral map zero seven three hundred seventy and one, zero seven, five hundred.
Trifinio arrival point. Is located at the confluence of the Quebrada San Lucas, with the Acelhuate River, said point has the following coordinates: length equal four hundred eighty and a thousand seven hundred eighty eight point thirty-five meters; Equal latitude three hundred fifteen thousand five hundred twenty-six point eighty-five meters. You have how adjacent plots one hundred seventy-three, zero sector zero one six zero two, belonging to Aguilares; R three of the cadastral map zero seven three hundred seventy-one, zero seven, five hundred, belonging to Suchitoto and plot one, zero Sector six, zero six zero one, belonging to the municipality of Guazapa R plot.
Article 2.-this Decree shall enter into force eight days after its publication in the official journal.
GIVEN in the blue room of the Legislative Palace: San Salvador, to the nine days of the month of July in the year two thousand nine.
FRANCISCO ROBERTO LORENZANA DURAN, ROBERTO JOSÉ d'AUBUISSON, legislature - Republic of EL SALVADOR _ 3 _ index legislative Secretary. SECRETARY.
Presidential House: San Salvador, on the thirtieth day of the month of July in the year two thousand nine.
PUBLISHED, Carlos Mauricio Funes Cartagena, President of the Republic.
Humberto Centeno Najarro, Minister of the Interior.
D. o. No. 149 Tomo No. 384 date: August 14, 2009.
CGC/adar. 8-9-2009