Create The Area Marina Protected Namuncurá - Burdwood Bank. Objectives.

Original Language Title: Créase el Area Marina Protegida Namuncurá - Banco Burdwood. Objetivos.

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AREA marine AREA marine law 26.875 create Area Marina protected Namuncurá - Burdwood Bank. Objectives. Sanctioned: 3 July 2013 promulgated: August 1, 2013 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: chapter I Constitution of Area Marina protected article 1 - object. Create the Area Marina protected Namuncurá - Burdwood Bank.
Article 2 ° - scope. The protected marine Area outer boundary will be the 200 m isobath. (deep coinciding with official cartography, in the area identified as Burdwood Bank in the field of the exclusive Argentina economic area, fully in accordance with the provisions of article 56 1a) and 1b) ii and iii, of the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea, approved by law 24.543.
Article 3 °-objectives. The objectives of this law are: to) retain an area of high environmental sensitivity and importance for the protection and sustainable management of the biodiversity of the seabed; b) promote sustainable, environmental and economic management of the benthic marine ecosystems of our platform through a demonstration area; (c) to facilitate scientific research in fisheries ecosystem approach and mitigation of the effects of global change.
Article 4 ° - zoning. Area Marina protected Namuncurá - Burdwood Bank will be integrated by three areas: to) "Core zone" bounded by the coordinates 54 ° 30's, 60 ° 30' W; 54 ° 30's, 59 ° 30' OR; 54 ° 15'S, 60 ° 30' W, 54 ° 15'S, 59 ° 30' W; (b) "zone of damping" bounded by the limit of the area core and the coordinates 54 ° 00's, 59 ° 00' or; 54 ° 00's, 61 ° 00' OR; 54 ° 35'S, 59 ° 00' W; (54 ° 35's, 61 ° 00' or, and c) "area of transition" delimited by them limits external of the area of damping and the isobath of them 200 meters of depth defined in the mapping official. article 5 ° - definitions. For the purposes of this Act, means: "Core area": the area which contains a portion of the biodiversity of the seabed of the Burdwood Bank, requiring strict protection measures for their ecological characteristics and environmental vulnerability. The only activities permitted within the "core zone" will be needed for their control and supervision. 'Buffer zone': duly delimited space surrounding the nucleus and where you will develop scientific research and exploration of natural resources that contribute to the knowledge on biodiversity marina, experiences of sustainable management of its natural resources, restoration of degraded areas and monitoring of the effects of global change on the structure of the marine environment. Related activities should be referred to in the Management Plan and be approved by the enforcement authority, with the exception of the activities regulated by law 24922 (Federal fishing regime). "Transition zone": the outer zone of the protected Area where you can develop productive and extractive, activities under the management plan and which have the approval of the implementing authority, with the exception of the activities regulated by law 24922 (Federal fishing regime).
Chapter II authorities article 6 - enforcement authority. The Executive shall appoint the authority for the application of this law.
Article 7 ° - Board of Directors. Create adherence to the Council of administration of the Area Marina protected Namuncurá - Burdwood Bank.
Article 8 ° - conformation of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will be chaired by the implementing authority and shall be made by a representative of the Secretariat of environment and sustainable development of the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers, a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and worship, a representative of the Ministry of science, technology and productive innovation, a representative of the National Council of scientific and technical research (CONICET) , a representative of the national parks administration, decentralized body into the orbit of the Ministry of tourism, a representative of the Ministry of agriculture, livestock, fisheries and food, a representative of the Ministry of defence, a representative of the Ministry of security and a representative of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica, and South Atlantic Islands, in the event that it will accept the invitation to join the Council , pursuant to article 15 of the present. The Council shall adopt its internal rules of operation and will be assisted by a technical secretariat.
Article 9 ° - functions of the Board of Directors. (Will be functions of the Council of administration as Assistant of the authority of application: to) write, run and carry out the follow-up of the Plan of management of the Area Marina protected; (b) identify sources of financing in order ensure the compliance of the objectives of the present law; (c) elaborate reports technical and the follow-up of them evaluations of impact environmental of the activities productive or extractive proposed, prior to its development; (d) write a report annual about them advances made in the compliance of the goals of the Plan of management of the Area, to be high by the authority of application to the Congress national.
ARTICLE 10. -Secretariat technical. The Council of Administration will choose between their members the agency that will have to your charge them functions of secretariat technical.
Chapter III Plan of management of the Area Marina protected Namuncurá-Bank Burdwood article 11. -Plan of management. Management Plan means a set of measures and instruments and sanctions to ensure compliance with the objectives of the protected Area, such as the physical, biological, geological and oceanographic characterization, and themes for research and monitoring.
Chapter IV offences and penalties article 12. -Offences and penalties. In the event of violation of the rules laid down in the Management Plan, the enforcement authority will give intervention to the competent authorities.
Chapter V funding Article 13. -Financial resources. The Executive Branch will have budget items required for the performance of the actions planned in the framework of the Plan of management of the Area.
ARTICLE 14. -Cartography. The Executive Branch will prepare the mapping required for the implementation of this law.
ARTICLE 15. -Invitation. The National Executive will invite the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands to designate a representative who will integrate the governing body established in article 7 of this law.
ARTICLE 16. -Communicate to the national executive power.
-REGISTERED UNDER NO. 26.875 - AMADO BOUDOU. -JULIAN A. DOMINGUEZ. -Gervasio Bozzano. -John H. Estrada. date of publication: 05/08/2013