Sodium Intake. Maximum Values.

Original Language Title: Consumo de sodio. Valores Máximos.

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FOOD food law 26.905 sodium intake. Maximum values. Sanctioned: 13 November 2013 fact promulgated: 6 December 2013 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: article 1 ° - the object of this law is to promote the reduction of sodium consumption in the population.
Article 2 ° - present law enforcement authority is the Ministry of health.
Article 3 ° - adopted annex I which, as an integral part of the present law, sets the maximum values of sodium to be attained food groups from within twelve (12) months from its entry into force. The enforcement authority can periodically set the progressive decrease of those maximum values set out in annex I from within twenty-four (24) months from the entry into force of this law.
Article 4 ° - small and medium-sized enterprises producing food, defined as 24467 law and its rules amended and complementary, should reach the maximum values of the food groups in annex I from within eighteen (18) months from its entry into force. The enforcement authority can periodically set the progressive decrease of those maximum values set out in annex I from within thirty (30) months from the entry into force of this law.
Article 5° - the enforcement authority has the following functions: to) determine the guidelines of the health policy for the promotion of healthy habits and as a priority to reduce the consumption of sodium in the population; (b) establish, set and control patterns for reduction of sodium in foods as determined by this law; (c) fix the maximum values and their progressive reduction for groups and food products not referred to in annex I; d) set in the containers in which sodium is marketed health messages that warn about the risks involving its excessive consumption;
( e) determine in the advertising of products with sodium health messages about the risks involving its excessive consumption; f) determine in accordance with the jurisdictional authorities the health message that must accompany the menus of gastronomic establishments, with regard to the risks of excessive consumption of salt; (g) establish in accordance with the jurisdictional authorities alternative menus of meals without added salt, the limitations to the spontaneous shakers offer, the availability of salt in sachets and salt with low sodium content, which must offer the gastronomic establishments; (h) establish for cases of marketing of sodium in envelopes that they should not exceed five hundred milligrams (500 mg.); (i) promote it application progressive of the present law in them deadlines that is determine, with the industry of the power and them merchants retailers that used sodium in the elaboration of food; j) promote with public bodies and private organizations research programmes and statistics on the incidence of consumption of sodium in the diet of the population; (k) develop campaigns of broadcasting and awareness that warn about the risks of the consumption over of salt and promote the consumption of food with low content of sodium.
Article 6 ° - producers and importers of food products must obtain accreditation for its marketing and advertising in the country the conditions as determined by this law.
Article 7 ° - the enforcement authority must be adapted the provisions of the Argentinean alimentary code to the provisions of this Act within the time limits laid down in article 3 °.
(Article 8 °-will be considered violations to the present law the following behaviors: to) market products food that not comply with them levels maximum of sodium established; b) commercialise sodium in envelopes that exceed the established maximum; (c) omit the inclusion of health messages that set the implementing authority in marketing of sodium containers, advertising products with sodium and menus of food establishments; (d) lack of gastronomic establishments of alternative menus without salt, envelopes with maximum dosage established or salt with low sodium content, as well as contravening established spontaneous shakers offer limitation; (e) the concealment or denial of the information required by the Authority's application in its control function; (f) the acts or omissions to any of the obligations laid down, committed in violation of this law and its regulations that are not mentioned in the preceding subparagraphs.
Article 9° - violations of this law, shall be punished with: a) a warning; (b) publication of the resolution that has the sanction in a medium of broadcasting mass, as determined by regulation; (c) fine that must be updated by the national executive power on a yearly basis in accordance with the price index official of the National Institute of statistics and censuses - INDEC-, since mil pesos ($ 1,000) to 1 million pesos ($ 1,000,000), likely to be increased up to tenfold in the case of recidivism; (d) confiscation of foodstuffs and the sachets of salt not complying with the maximum levels laid down;
( e) Suspension of advertising to its adaptation to the provisions of this law; (f) suspension of the establishment for a period of up to one (1) year; and (g) closing of the establishment of one (1) to five (5) years. These sanctions shall be governed gradually, taking into account the circumstances of the case, the nature and gravity of the offence, the antecedents of the offender and the damage caused, without prejudice to other civil and criminal responsibilities to any place. The proceeds from the fines will be used, in accordance with the jurisdictional authorities and within the framework of Cofesa hardware store, for the realization of dissemination and awareness-raising campaigns provided for in subsection k) of article 5.
ARTICLE 10. -The authority for the application of this Act must set the administrative procedure to apply in your jurisdiction for the investigation of alleged violations, ensuring the right to defence of the alleged infringer and other constitutional guarantees. It is empowered to promote coordination of this function with public bodies national actors in the field of the areas covered by this law and jurisdictions that have acceded. You can also delegate in jurisdictions that have acceded the conduct of procedures that provided for infringements give rise and give them their representation in the processing of judicial remedies that will stand against the sanctions that apply. Exhausted administrative remedies shall be resource Court directly to the Federal Chamber of appeal with competence in contentious-administrative courts with jurisdiction in the place of the fact. The resources that will stand against the application of the penalties provided for shall have devolutive effect. Reasons well-founded, aimed at avoiding an irreparable damage assessment to the person concerned or in receipt of third parties, the resource may be granted with suspensive effect.
ARTICLE 11. -Inviting the provinces and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires to join this law in the relevant to its jurisdiction.
ARTICLE 12. -Communicate is to the power Executive national.
Annex I group of food products maximum of values of sodium allowed 100 grams of product products meat and its derivatives group of CHACINADOS cooked SAUSAGES and not SAUSAGES. SALTING COOKED: INCLUDES SAUSAGES, SALAMI, MORTADELLA, HAM COOKED, COLD CUTS COOKED AND BLOOD SAUSAGE.
1196 mg. Group SAUSAGES dry: salami, salami, sausage and SOPRESATA.
1900 mg. Group SAUSAGES fresh: CHORIZOS.
950 mg. Group SAUSAGES fresh: HAMBURGERS.
850 mg. Group BREADED of chicken: NUGGETS, snacks, PATYNITOS, Supreme, paws, MEDALLION, CHICKENITOS and FORMITAS.
736 mg. FARINACEOUS CRACKERS with BRAN 941 mg. CRACKERS without saved 941 mg. SNACKS cookies 1460 mg. SNACKS 950 mg. BISCUITS sweet dry 512 mg. cookies sweet stuffed 429 mg. BAKERY with saved 530 mg. date of publication: 16 / 12 / 2013 bread without saved 501 mg. BAKERY frozen 527 mg. SOUPS, DRESSINGS and CANNED BROTHS in PASTA (cubes / tablets) and GRANULATED 430 mg. SOUPS clear 346 mg. SOUPS CREAMS 306 mg. SOUPS SNAPSHOTS 352 mg.