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Former Prisoners Politicians Of The Republic Argentina. Inns.

Original Language Title: Ex Presos Políticos de la República Argentina. Pensiones.

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Law 26,913

Former Political Prisoners of the Republic of Argentina. Pensions. Sanctioned: November 27, 2013 Enacted: December 16, 2013

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation, meeting in Congress, etc., are sanctioned by law:

Regime Reparations for former Political Prisoners of the Argentine Republic

Article 1-Establishment of a reasonable pension for persons who, until 10 December 1983, fulfil one of the following conditions: (a) Have been deprived of their liberty in the condition of civilians and/or military officers convicted by a Council " War, made available to the national executive branch, and/or private of their freedom as a result of the actions of the Armed Forces, Security or any other group, for political, union, or student causes. They shall be unquestionably beneficiaries by proven status, who have been reached by laws 25.914 and 24.043, their extensions and supplementary; b) They have been deprived of their liberty in the condition of civilians and/or military by acts emanating from them. of special military units or tribunals or war councils, whether or not there has been a conviction in this case, under the jurisdiction of the National Security Doctrine; (c) Haber has been deprived of his liberty by civil courts, pursuant to the application of Law 20.840/74 and/or Article 210 bis and/or 213 bis of the Criminal Code and/or any another law, decree or resolution of that kind, having remained under the regime of "special detainees", a violation of human rights constitutionally protected.

ARTICLE 2-The grace pension provided for in this scheme is independent of any other reparation which may be made, for any person covered by this law, without prejudice to the compensation to be paid to any affected person, for moral, physical and/or psychological harm as a result of institutionalized torture and the prolonged and vexatious seclusion to which he has been subjected. Persons who are beneficiaries of a national, provincial or municipal benefit of the same nature and who are subject to the same situations shall not be included, with the right to be eligible for this or other pension.

Article 3-In the event of the death of the beneficiary, the right holders shall be entitled to the benefit in the following order: (a) Surviving spouse or concubine who proves cohabitation according to the pension rules

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(b) Children under age at the time of death and up to the most age; (c) Children who are unfit for work, for the duration of incapacity.

Article 4 °-The application of this scheme, by contributing from the national State to the repair of crimes against humanity, is covered by the imprescriptibility of those crimes, and therefore determines the non-existence of temporary maximum periods of presentation to exercise the rights granted by the scheme.

ARTICLE 5-The benefit established by this law shall be equal to the monthly remuneration assigned to Category D Level 0 (zero), Permanent Plant Without Tro-General Group-of the Escalafon for the staff of the National Employment System Public-SINEP- in the terms set by the implementing authority.

Article 6-The Secretariat of Human Rights of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation will be the body of application of the present regime, and will have in its position the articulation with the areas of the government involved with this law, the coordination, dissemination, advice of the beneficiaries and the design and implementation of a systematic and rigorous monitoring of their implementation, and the necessary clarification and complementary rules to be carried out to comply with the provisions of this law and to resolve the origin of the Very good benefit.

ARTICLE 7 °-The funds necessary to implement the present regime will be provided by the National Treasury.

ARTICLE 8 °-Commune to the national executive branch.



BELOVED BOUDOU. -JULIAN A. DOMINGUEZ. -Juan H. Estrada. -Gervasio Bozzano.

Date of publication: 18/12/2013

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