Create The Parque Nacional "el Impenetrable".

Original Language Title: Créase el Parque Nacional “El Impenetrable”.

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Parks national parks national law 26.996 create the Parque Nacional "El Impenetrable". Adopted: 22 October 2014 promulgated: October 30, 2014 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: article 1 ° - accepted the cession of jurisdiction by the Chaco province to the national State through the provincial law 7317 sanctioned on November 6, 2013 by the Chamber of deputies of the province of el Chaco (Bulletin official of the province of the Chaco No. 9576), over the lands identified in the Act, whose name and limits are described in annex I and are represented graphically in annex II , "Sketch of detail of transfer of jurisdiction".
Article 2 ° - in compliance with the law of the province of Chaco 7317 aforementioned, and finding meeting the requirements laid down by national law 22.351 - Legal regime of the national parks, natural monuments and national reserves - create the PARQUE NACIONAL "EL IMPENETRABLE", under the terms of the Act, which will be formed by the referred in article 1 ° lands and in annexes I and II of the present law , representing a surface area of approximately one hundred thirty thousand hectares (130,000 searched).
Article 3 ° - accept the resolutory condition provided for in article 3 of the law of the province of Chaco 7317 already mentioned.
Article 4 ° - this Act shall be accepted domain lands once perfected the expropriation law 6928 Chaco province-mandated, and it has been formally transferred the property to the State, without the need for any subsequent agreement between the national State and the province of Chaco.
Article 5 ° - the management of national parks must be, through the respective measurement carried out by professionals with tenure in surveying, plot rising acts, which in the field to determine the outer limits of the national "El Impenetrable" Park, being empowered to sign the ceded areas in the registry of the property of the province of Chaco, pursuant to the 1810 article of the Civil Code.
Article 6 ° - expenditures that requires compliance with article 5 of this law shall be in charge of the national State, charges the same to the General budget of the national administration - national parks administration.
Article 7 ° - contact the national executive power.
Annex I name and description of limits of the project National Park "The IMPENETRABLE" cession of jurisdiction and domain name of the property: cadastral NOMENCLATURE: District VI, plot I, Folio Real registration No. 113. Department: General Güemes. SURFACE: 148.903,70 has. The fraction of property referred to in the law Provincial No. 5994 is excluded. DESCRIPTION of limits: property located in the Cologne pastoral Teuco the Department General Güemes of the province of Chaco, which is described in the following way: from the corner North of the fraction, point designated with the letter A, at the intersection with the Bermejo River, in the Southwest direction is measured 32.542 m, until you reach the point individualized with the letter B , from there follow the same direction southwest towards the Río Bermejito, then heading Southeast follows the indicated Bermejito River until you reach point C, this river forming the natural boundary with the Southwest, hence, side in direction northeast, 1,139 m, up to the point D, and then in the same Northeast direction measured 31.687,60 m , until arrive to the point E, bordering to the Southeast, with terrain national of the Cologne pastoral Teuco, and finally is continues the course of the river Bermejo in address Northwest until get to the point to, of split, bordering to the Northeast, River e/m, with more land of the society anonymous exploitation of fields and mountains of the river Bermejo. Covers an area of 148.903 HA, 70, girls, 16, of which corresponds to an area of 146.036 HA, 45, 160 cas to the polygonal 2.867 surface being searched, 25 ACE, extrapoligonal. A fraction of the property mentioned, located in the Colonia pastoral Teuco of the Department General Güemes from the Chaco province, of cadastral nomenclature is excepted: District VI - plot 1, surface 148.903 HA, 70, girls, 16 - plane surveying 9-14-R, registration registry Folio Real registration No. 113 - Dept. Gral. Güemes, fraction with surface approximate and subject to measurement of 20,000 hectares whose limits and boundaries are: to the North the Teuco River, the border with the province of Formosa, South-East the plot 408 - district VI, to the southwest part of the plot 20, Parcela 18 and part of the plot 14 - District VII and Northwest more land plot 1.
Annex II date of publication: 31/10/2014