Regulation And Supervision Of Education Institutions Not Included In The Official Teaching. General Provisions.

Original Language Title: Regulación y Supervisión de Instituciones de Educación no Incluidas en la Enseñanza Oficial. Disposiciones Generales.

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Education Education Act 27.064 regulation and Supervision of education institutions not included in the official teaching. General provisions. Sanctioned: 04 December 2014 fact promulgated: 09 January 2015 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. sanction with force of law: chapter I provisions general article 1 °-the present law has by object regular them conditions of operation and monitor pedagogically them institutions not included in the teaching official that provide education and care of the first childhood from them forty and five (45) days to them five (5) years of age. These institutions may be State, private, co-operative and social management. Such institutions may belong to organizations with or without profit, civil societies, guilds, unions, cooperatives, non-governmental organizations, neighborhood organizations, community colleges and other similar.
Article 2 ° - in the case of establishments not incorporated into official teaching whose organization or financing depend on health, social development, or other official bodies, will be the competent educational authority in each jurisdiction that articulate their actions with such relevant agencies, for the fulfillment of the present.
Article 3 - the child development centers, institutions regulated by law 26.233, promotion and regulation of child development centres, must receive pedagogical supervision by the competent educational authority of each jurisdiction in coordination with the Secretariat of childhood, adolescence and family, under the Ministry of Social development of the nation.
Chapter II of the institutions article 4 ° - the initial level constitutes a teaching unit. Institutions providing education and early childhood care must ensure the objectives for the initial level title II, chapter II of the Act 26.206, national education. The institutions include the following organizational types: a) nursery gardens: institutions serving children from forty-five (45) days to two (2) years of age, inclusive. (b) kindergartens: those institutions that cater to children between three (3) to five (5) years inclusive. (c) schools children's: those institutions that cater to them children from them forty and five (45) days to the five (5) years of age inclusive. (d) child development centers: those institutions created pursuant to law 26.233 - promotion and regulation of child development centers-; (e) various organizational forms that provide care and systematic education to children from forty-five (45) days to five (5) years inclusive. Are, among others: game rooms, early childhood home care services or hospital, in context of deprivation of the liberty of children and girls born or raised as in these contexts, or whatever its name as a legal person.
Article 5 ° - the institutions defined in article 4 ° must make public received in accordance with denomination, assuming the responsibilities delegated educational and healthcare that fits them for each case.
Article 6 ° - institutions contained in article 4 of this law with rooms that meet the level requirement must manage and obtain the addition to the official education in accordance with the scope of law 26.206.
Article 7 °-all them institutions covered by the present law must follow them guidelines curricular and provisions pedagogical established for it education initial by the authority educational of the nation and of them jurisdictions, according to corresponds, according to them reaches of the Law 26.206.
Article 8 ° - activities are conducted by staff with teaching in all sections title, according to the regulations stated in each jurisdiction, with the exception of child development centres, institutions regulated by law 26.233.
Chapter III of the survey of services and the creation of them records jurisdictional of registration article 9 °-the Ministry of education, in the framework of the Council Federal of education, will promote the creation, in the field of them jurisdictions educational of systems of survey and registration of institutions of management public, State, private, cooperative and social, not included in the teaching official , that provide education and care to her first child.
ARTICLE 10. -The registry must contemplate the possibility of free and public consultation and its annual update alert for new registrations and the results of the regular supervision institutions. chapter IV of the supervision of the institutions article 11. -The pedagogical supervision will be provided by teachers or professionals in the field of education, according to the regulations stated it in each jurisdiction.
ARTICLE 12. -The Ministry of education, in the framework of the Federal Council of education, will promote actions that control over the conditions of the building, safety and hygiene of the institutions, is in charge of judicial education authorities, and is made in joint educational authorities designated by the courts for this purpose.
ARTICLE 13. -For the purposes of this Act, the function of pedagogical supervision should consider aspects such as institutional project, the principles, standards and values, proposals for teaching, links with children and families, the Organization of the space, the distribution of the time, and all those issues arising from the guidelines curriculum and legislation.
Chapter V of the article 14 enforcement authority. -The Education Ministry and the competent jurisdictional educational authorities, in the framework of the Federal Council of education, are responsible for regulating the conditions of functioning of the institutions covered by this law.
ARTICLE 15. -The Ministry of education, in the framework of the Federal Council, will promote the creation of the body responsible for the monitoring and the implementation for each province and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires made pursuant to this Act.
Chapter VI provisions transitional article 16. -In cases in which it was not possible to comply with the obligation to cover the charges with staff with teaching degree, institutions must have a pedagogical coordinator at least every five (5) sections, which may have room to charge. Each jurisdiction rule deadlines, criteria and processes necessary to progressively advance coverage of the necessary teaching positions for all sections of the level.
ARTICLE 17. -The Ministry of education, in the framework of the Federal Council of education, promote the necessary agreements so that the educational jurisdictions establish a strategic plan for the fulfilment of the present, which envisages the progressive adoption by institutions that provide education and care early childhood of the characteristics and the denomination of gardens nursery, kindergarten or nursery school as appropriate. This plan should give priority to the institutions catering to the most disadvantaged sectors in each jurisdiction.
ARTICLE 18. -Communicate to the national executive power.
-REGISTERED UNDER NO. 27.064 - JULIAN A. DOMINGUEZ. -JOHN H. ESTRADA. -Lucas Chedrese. -Gerardo Zamora.

Date of publication: 15/01/2015