Compensation. Benefit.

Original Language Title: Indemnización. Beneficio.

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PROGRAM of property owned of them former members sites program of property owned of them former agents of deposits oil tax law 27133 compensation. Benefit. Adopted: April 29, 2015 fact promulgated: May 20, 2015 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: article 1 - recognize the national State compensation in favor of former officers of oilfield tax S.A., his heirs or successors in title, which has not had included them in the program of property owned, or having it done, have not received the cash transfer to his name of the relevant actions. In addition, eligible for the benefit who has not been welcomed to the rule of law 25.471 or who having done have not received the compensation fixed in that law for reasons not attributable to former officers mentioned above. Same option may exercise those who have not received the compensation determined in court judgments. Also will be including those that, having perceived the compensation, possess a difference to his favor, calculated the amount according to it established in the present.
Article 2 ° - for the purposes of this law, is considered staff of Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales S.A., entitled to the compensation established in this, one who worked in dependency ratio to on January 1, 1991 and that it had begun their relationship prior to such date.
Article 3 °-it compensation that you will correspond to each former agent of deposits oil tax S.A., their heirs or IMSS users, will be equivalent to the sum of the value in pesos of novecientas fifty and six (956) actions of deposits oil tax S.A., according to the amount of actions established in the annex of the Decree 1077 / 2003, to it quote of the closing of the market of values of Buenos Aires of the day of publication in the newsletter official of it present law, such value shall not be less than three hundred eleven pesos ($ 311). The same will be cancelled with bonds of consolidation of debt public issued in favor of them former agents in the form planned by the law 25.344.
Article 4 °-them ex agents that, gathering them requirements of the article 2 °, is have welcomed to the regime of it law 25.471 or have retrieved sentence judicial Pro, may claim it eventually difference that exists to your please, resulting of check the value determined in the article 3 ° with the amount established in the Decree 1077 / 2003. with regard to the calculation of the value of the compensation or the amount determined by the sentence judicial the result, adjusted the latter by the combined average of reported wages for the private Sector index and the price index consumer, published by the National Institute of statistics and censuses at the time of publication of this law, on the effected payment. To make the setting, will be taken as a temporary basis last calculations set forth in Decree 1077 / 2003, i.e. the amounts established up to December 31, 2002. In the case of amounts established by judicial decision, of the same date.
(Article 5 ° - in the terms established in the preceding article, and for those who have started legal action, the beneficiaries must be submitted to request the payment of compensation by completing a procedure determined by the Ministry of economy and public finance of the nation, which must consider the guidelines listed below: a) qualify for the benefits of this law , by express act before the competent judge, who shall issue certification in this regard; (b) with the certification referred to in the preceding subparagraph the recipient or his successors in title, will begin the administrative action in the form that establishes the Ministry of economy and public finance of the nation by the respective regulations, which may not exceed one hundred twenty (120) working days until the settlement under the terms of article 3 °; (c) accredited by the mechanism formal relevant the link of successor or heir of the former agent of deposits oil tax S.A.; (d) prior to the liquidation the beneficiary shall accredit the discontinuance of the action and the right by judicial approval, and will sign a report on the Ministry of economy and public finance of the nation yielding to the national State rights that could assist you in property owned for Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales programme S.A.
Article 6 ° - subjects with the right to apply for compensation in item 4 °, shall bring prior administrative complaint, which resolved favorably, it will be cancelled with consolidation of debt bonds issued in favour of former officers in the manner provided by law 25.344. The Ministry of economy and public finance of the nation will establish the procedure for their compliance, and may not exceed the hundred and twenty (120) working days the liquidation of the prescribed in item 4 °.
Article 7 ° - for the course of former agents who have not promoted judicial action, the Ministry of economy and public finance of the nation will establish the procedure for the administrative claim by setting specific deadlines for compliance, and may not exceed the hundred and twenty (120) working days until the settlement under the terms of article 3 °.
Article 8 - settle the imprescriptible of allowances which are granted in accordance with the provisions of this Act, unless it is nature food credits and their litisexpensas.
Article 9 - establish exemption from payment of tax income to the indemnities set forth in this law.
ARTICLE 10. -Communicate to the national executive power. given in the room of session of the Argentine Congress in BUENOS AIRES, at twenty-nine days of the month of April of the year two thousand and fifteen.
-REGISTERED UNDER NO. 27133 - AMADO BOUDOU. -JULIAN A. DOMINGUEZ. -John H. Estrada. -Marta a. Luchetta.

Date of publication: 28/05/2015