Law N ° 26.962. Modification.

Original Language Title: Ley N° 26.962. Modificación.

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PERSONAL military PERSONAL military law 27165 law N ° 26.962. Modification. Adopted: 15 July 2015 fact promulgated: 04 August, 2015 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: article 1 - Replace annex XVII of the 26.962 Act, which authorized the departure of staff and means of the Argentina Navy from the territory of the nation, to participate in the combined exercise "ACRUX", which is drawn up in the form indicated in annex I to the present law.
Article 2 °-communicate is to the power Executive national.
-REGISTERED UNDER NO. 27165 - AMADO BOUDOU. -JULIAN A. DOMINGUEZ. -John H. Estrada. -Lucas Chedrese.
ANNEX I INFORMATION BASIC TO THE AUTHORIZATION OF INTRODUCTION OF TROOPS FOREIGN IN THE TERRITORY OF THE NATION AND THE OUTPUT OF FORCES NATIONAL OUT OF IT. 1. type of activity to develop Multilateral combined training exercise in the River, "ACRUX". 2 origin of the practice of operations River "ACRUX" project, started in 1999 with the participation of our country, the Federative Republic of Brazil, the PLURINATIONAL State of BOLIVIA, the Republic of PARAGUAY and the Eastern Republic of URUGUAY. His execution is of interest for the advanced degree of specialization in techniques and tactics that requires an environment of river, allowing to integrate other armed that do not have units to operate on the high seas (Republic of PARAGUAY, PLURINATIONAL State of BOLIVIA). This exercise has a biannual Development, with rotating venues. During the year 2001, was held in the Federal Republic of Brazil, specifying only the planning and development as a board game. In the year 2005, was held in ARGENTINA. In 2008, the exercise was developed in the ORIENTAL Republic of URUGUAY; in the 2009, at the Republic Federal of the Brazil; in 2011, in ARGENTINA; and in the Republic East of the URUGUAY in 2013. 3. fundamentals of them objectives of the activity through the realization of this exercise combined multinational is reinforces it cooperation military and is contributes to improve the interoperability between them armed / marine of them countries participating, through the driving of exercises River integrated with media of surface, air and of infantry of Marina. Also in port activities contribute to increase mutual knowledge and the bonds of friendship among the participating countries. 4. configuration of the activity to. place of realization them exercises is carried out in waters of the waterway PARAGUAY-PARANÁ, River URUGUAY and river of the silver and the country host will be the Republic Federal of the Brazil. b. tentative dates of entry/exit and duration of the activity will take place between the months of June and July of the year 2015. The opportunity of execution will be adjusted depending on the operational availability of the navies of the countries and coordinate meetings of planning, with an approximate duration of ten (10) days of operation (navigation and port) and thirty (30) days of the transfer. c. countries participating and observer PLURINATIONAL State of BOLIVIA, Federative Republic of Brazil, Republic of PARAGUAY, Eastern Republic of URUGUAY and ARGENTINA. 1) strength, quantity, types, equipment and armament: media participants are as follows, and may suffer some variation depending on the operational availability for the date and place of preparation thereof: their own means: • two (2) ships type patrol craft (ARA "King"), with a maximum of one hundred ninety (190) effective. • TWO (2) ships type multipurpose (ARA "city of ROSARIO") with a maximum of sixty and five (65) effective. • ONE (1) boat patrol boat type (ARA "RÍO SANTIAGO"), with a maximum of ten (10) members. • ONE (1) Group of tactical divers, with a maximum of fifteen (15) members. • ONE (1) company of infantry marine, with a maximum of one hundred and thirty (130) troops. • A (1) company of small boats, with a maximum of forty (40) members. • ONE (1) B-200 aircraft, with a maximum of six (6) members. The Navy of the Republic Federal Brazil media: • one (1) ship transport of troops. • TWO (2) River patrol boats. • Smaller vessels. • ONE (1) company of marine infantry. Means of the Navy of the Republic of PARAGUAY: • one (1) River patrol vessel. • ONE (1) company of marine infantry. • TWO (2) patrol boats. Means of the Navy of the PLURINATIONAL State of BOLIVIA: • two (2) coastal patrol boats. • Smaller vessels. • ONE (1) company of marine infantry. Means of the Navy of the Republic East of URUGUAY: • two (2) coastal patrol boats. • Smaller vessels. • ONE (1) company of marine infantry. The final detail of the media participants as well as the presence of observers from other countries, will be the planning meetings. d. deploy troops and half the exercises will be carried out in the waters of the PLATA basin rivers. The detail of the deployment will be determined once the planning is completed. Participating units are planning to entry into a port of the host country in quality of operational visit logistical purposes, and for the final critique of the exercise for the purpose of drawing conclusions and agree on recommendations for future exercises. e required immunity for foreign troops entering, or immunity to be granted by other States for national forces that are graduating is not required. f cost approximate the cost of our media operation amounts to the sum of weights seven million four hundred eighty and a thousand two hundred eighty and seven ($ 7.481.287). g funding sources the cost will be covered by budgetary funds of the Argentine Navy. 5. situational framework the guiding concept of this exercise is based on the fulfillment of a hypothetical peace mission under the mandate of the Organization of the United Nations, characterized by the permanent crisis management and rules of law, during which placement of troops landing in a river area, through the use of surface naval media air and marine infantry in a simulated environment of multiple threats. In this context develop and improve tactics, discussed operative procedures for the employment of naval forces and coordinate operations in rivers.

Date of publication: 10/08/2015