Rio Tercero Military Factory. Rights.

Original Language Title: Fábrica Militar Río Tercero. Derechos.

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COMPENSATION compensation law 27179 factory military Rio Tercero. Rights. Adopted: 16 September 2015 promulgated: 05 October 2015 the Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: article 1 - shall be entitled to receive compensation, or through their heirs, in their case, persons who at the date of entry into force of the present law is found to court claiming damages caused by the events that took place on 3 and 24 November 1995 at the factory military River third , of the address General of fabrications military, organism decentralized, in the scope of the Ministry of Defense, located in the town of river third, province of Córdoba.
Article 2 ° - the courts involved in the aforementioned causes shall certify the validity of them, your procedural State, claimed damages, article of this law which applies to the lang claims, as well as the amounts to deduct under the prescribed in article 9 of the present. He certified, together with the application of the benefit, is will present within them cent eighty (180) days of the date of entry in force of it regulation of it present, low warning of expiration, before the body that determine it regulation, that you will give pending of conformity with them terms of it law 25.344. During the period mentioned is suspended them processes judicial, except in those cases in that them actors is present in the record giving to them benefits of the present law, what must be notified in form irrefutable to the State national.
Article 3 - the heirs of people who have died as a result of the acts described in article 1 of the present, will be entitled to receive compensation alternative life value, equivalent to the monthly remuneration of operators level to grade 0, of the ladder for the civilian personnel of the national public administration, approved by the Decree of December 3, 2008 2,098 and its modifications , multiplied by the coefficient one hundred (100).
Article 4 - appropriate compensation to persons who have suffered very serious injuries, according to the qualifications established in the criminal code, in the same circumstances will be equivalent to the expected sum in article 3 °, reduced by thirty percent (30%).
Article 5 - appropriate compensation to persons who had suffered serious injury, according to the qualifications established in the criminal code, in the same circumstances will be equivalent to the sum provided in article 3 °, reduced by forty percent (40%).
Article 6 - appropriate compensation to those people who have sued the State only for repair of moral or psychological damage as a result of the events described in the article 1 of the present, will be equivalent to the sum provided in article 3 °, reduced by ninety-six percent (96%).
Article 7 - appropriate compensation to those people who have sued the State for the repair of material damage or devaluation of the property market and/or damage emerging and/or denial of recognition for the application of article 12 of the Decree 691 of November 8, 1995, suffered as a result of the acts described in article 1 of the present It will reach up to a maximum amount equivalent to that laid down in article 3, reduced by ninety-seven percent (97%).
Article 8 ° - who seek to benefit from the benefits of this law shall withdraw from all action and law which assists them in the respective judicial proceedings and renounce future judicial action for damages against the national State for the same.
Article 9 °-in them cases expected in them articles 3 °, 4 °, 5 °, 6 ° and 7 ° in which is had recognized compensation by damage and damages by resolution judicial or is has granted the benefit intended in them decrees 691 / 95, 992 / 95 and 158 / 97, them amounts already perceived updated according to them guidelines that set the regulation, must deduct is of the amount total that les corresponds to them beneficiaries or to them heirs , according to the provisions of this standard. If judicial or administrative perception would have been equal to or greater than the resulting from the application of this law, will have no right to pecuniary reparation established here or will require the grantee to refund.
ARTICLE 10. -Amounts compensation referred to in articles 3 °, 4°, 5 °, 6° and 7° is referred by value life repair, damage moral, psychic damage and physical, profit, aesthetic damage and all other concept present or future that may derive of each an of the respective circumstances of damage suffered.
ARTICLE 11. -The compensation laid down by this law have the injured person's own good character; in the case of his death compensation should be distributed in accordance with the provisions of articles 3.545, 3.570 and matching of the Civil Code and, where appropriate, who prove irrefutably that there was living with the victim by an antiquity of at least two (2) years prior to the death of the deceased. It is presumed, unless evidence to the contrary, that existed coexistence when their offspring was recognized by the deceased, or the affiliation of the descendant had been judicially established. The partner concur in the proportion that has corresponded to the spouse. If there is concurrence of spouse and who had tried living together during at least two (2) years immediately prior to the disappearance or death, the part that corresponds to the spouse will be distributed between them in equal parts.
ARTICLE 12. -The benefit provided for in this law shall be exempt from taxes.
ARTICLE 13. -The payment of compensation to the beneficiaries or their heirs will be done through the delivery of consolidation bonds or bonds of pension debt consolidation as the rules that regulate the national State debt consolidation and you will release the liability recognized by the facts that motivate this law. Those who have received monetary repair in legal form will carry to the State if subsequently requested equal benefit other successors in title with the same or better right.
ARTICLE 14. -Empowered the national executive power, or who this delegate, to establish the budgetary reallocation needed to meet expenditures that requires compliance with the present law.
ARTICLE 15. -The authority of application of the present law will be given in their regulation.
ARTICLE 16. -The national executive branch shall regulate this law within sixty (60) days from its publication.
ARTICLE 17. -Communicate to the national executive power.
-REGISTERED UNDER NO. 27179 - AMADO BOUDOU. -JULIAN TO. DOMINGUEZ. -John H. Estrada. -Lucas Chedrese.

Date of publication: 07/10/2015