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Body Of Lawyers And Lawyers For Victims Of Gender Violence. Creation. Functions.

Original Language Title: Cuerpo de Abogadas y Abogados para Víctimas de Violencia de Género. Creación. Funciones.

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Law 27210

Body of Lawyers and Lawyers for Victims of Gender Violence. Creation. Functions. Sanctioned: November 04, 2015 Enacted in Fact: November 23, 2015

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation, meeting in Congress, etc., are sanctioned by law:

ARTICLE 1-Create the Body of Lawyers and Lawyers for Victims of Gender Violence, within the scope of the Justice Department of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation, which will have the task of guaranteeing access to justice of victims of gender-based violence in line with the provisions of the Law 26,485 of Comprehensive Protection to Prevent, Punish and Eradicate Violence Against Women in the Areas in which they Develop Their Relations interpersonal and to make the exercise and enjoyment of the rights enshrined in this and other rules effective related to the problem.

ARTICLE 2-It will be functions of the Corps of Lawyers and Lawyers for Victims of Gender Violence: (a) Provide free legal sponsorship and comprehensive legal advice throughout the national territory to persons who are victims of gender-based violence in all their types and modalities established in law 26,485 as well as that exercised for reasons of identity gender or sexual orientation in order to guarantee their access to justice in a timely and effective manner; b) Develop mechanisms for coordination and cooperation with other agencies of the Executive Branch, the Judiciary and the Public Ministry of the Defense and Public Prosecutor, be they national, provincial or local, in order to provide a efficient response, both in administrative and judicial offices; c) To conclude conventions and coordinate actions with professional colleges, academic institutions and civil society organisations to provide specialised legal assistance; and (d) To carry out training, technical training, regulatory updating and awareness activities aimed at operators of the justice system and other actors involved in the comprehensive approach to gender-based violence; e) To disseminate legal sponsorship services and comprehensive legal advice in the various jurisdictions, bodies, entities and agencies of the National Public Administration; (f) Formulating recommendations and legislative proposals in the field of gender-based violence; (g) encouraging the production and dissemination of reports; research related to the causes, nature, severity and consequences of gender-based violence, as well as the effectiveness of the measures implemented to prevent and repair their effects, and the efficiency of the actions of the agencies involved in its prevention, sanction and eradication;

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h) Promote the unification of criteria for the recording of information on facts and cases of gender-based violence, compiling statistics and disseminating them periodically.

ARTICLE 3-The Body of Lawyers and Lawyers for Victims of Gender Violence will be in charge of one (1) Executive Director, who will have rank and hierarchy of State Secretary.

ARTICLE 4 °-The Executive Director of the Corps of Lawyers and Lawyers for Victims of Gender Violence will be appointed by the national executive branch and must comply with the following requirements: (a) To be an Argentine citizen and to hold a lawyer's degree issued by a national university; (b) Credit five (5) years of age in tuition; (c) Credit experience and knowledge on gender and family law violence.

ARTICLE 5-The Executive Director of the Corps of Lawyers and Lawyers for Victims of Gender Violence will have the following duties and duties: (a) To exercise the leadership of the staff of the Corps of Lawyers and Lawyers for Victims of Gender Violence; (b) to dictate and enforce the rules of procedure of the Corps; (c) to promote the continuing training of the members of the Corps; coordinate the implementation of the annual operational plan; and) establish rules and requirements for the admission of legal sponsorship applications to constitute as a criminal complaint in criminal cases of gender violence; Body institutions and agreements with public or private organizations, national (g) to raise the budget of the body; (h) to administer the resources from the European Union; (g) to raise the budget of the body; (g) to raise the budget of the body; national budget and the assets of the body; (i) Accept inheritances, legacies, donations and grants assigned to it by public or private bodies, national or foreign; j) Promote and manage the procurement of public funds and resources; and private, local and foreign, to meet the objectives of the Body; k) Proceed to the preparation and publication of the Annual Report of the Body.

ARTICLE 6-The Body of Lawyers and Lawyers for Victims of Gender Violence will have an Interdisciplinary Advisory Commission for the comprehensive approach to gender-based violence, which will be made up of professionals from at least the university in the areas of law, social sciences and health, which provide evidence of expertise in gender issues as well as work experience of no less than five (5) years. The members of the Commission shall perform their duties on an ad honorem basis. The tasks of the Commission shall be: a) Auxiliary the Executive Director of the Corps, as well as other professionals of the right who intervene in causes of gender-based violence that so require, providing specialized technical advice in order to seek an approach (b) Promote the unification of criteria and the systematization of relevant information among the various organizations and organizations involved in the reception of reports of gender-based violence for the purpose of preventing revictimizations and unnecessary judicialization of cases requiring other type of approach; c) Propose recommendations for actions and remedial measures related to types and modalities of violence against gender which do not constitute a crime;

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d) To carry out risk reports in the context of gender-based violence, as much as necessary; and) to raise awareness among the members of the Corps and other actors involved in the comprehensive approach to gender-based violence.

ARTICLE 7 °-Members of the Corps of Lawyers and Lawyers for Victims of Gender Violence will be reviewed within the Specialized Grouping of the National Public Employment System in accordance with the provisions of Decree 2,098 of 3 December 2008 and its amendments, as a specific guideline in the terms set out in Article 12 thereof. Its entry will proceed through the regime of opposition contests and antecedents under the modality provided by article 52 of the aforementioned National System.

ARTICLE 8 °-Members of the Corps may not practice law in a private manner in cases of gender-based violence.

ARTICLE 9 °-Commune to the national executive branch.



BELOVED BOUDOU. -JULIAN A. DOMINGUEZ. -Juan H. Estrada. -Lucas Chedrese.

Date of publication: 26/11/2015

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