Ministry Of Foreign Affairs And National Comite Cult For Asia And Pacific (Conapac) - Full Text Of The Norm


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Ministry of Foreign Affairs And CULTO Decree 1378/92 Establish the National Committee for Asia and the Pacific (CONAPAC).

Bs. As., 6/8/92

VISTO that the ARGENTINA REPUBLIC was invited to participate in the Pacific Economic Cooperation Conferences held in OSAKA (JAPON) in 1984 and in WELLINGTON (NEW ZEALAND) in 1989, and


That the members of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference are the National Committees structured on the basis of a tripartite participation of government, academic and business representatives from the countries concerned.

That at its Third Meeting, held in BALI (RePUBLIC OF INDONESIA) in 1983, this Conference recommended the formation of National Committees for Pacific Cooperation to countries interested in participating in its work.

That is necessary for the harmonious development of the country, that Argentine foreign policy strengthens existing bilateral relations with the nations of Asia and the Pacific Basin, with cooperation in the regional agencies that operate in that region.

That the activities carried out in the various forums in Asia and the Pacific would be facilitated by the institutionalization of a National Committee to coordinate them.

That this measure is dictated in the use of the powers conferred on the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER by article 86, paragraph 1. of the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION.




Article 1 . Constituense en el MINISTERIO DE RELATIONS EXTERIORES y CULTO, el Comité Nacional para Asia y el Pacífico (CONAPAC), preside por el señor Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto.

Art. 2° El The National Committee for Asia and the Pacific will aim to promote in a coordinated manner, Argentine participation in Asia-Pacific multilateral cooperation forums.

Art. 3rd . The National Committee for Asia and the Pacific will consist of: a General Assembly, an Executive Council and a Permanent Secretariat, by the Director of Asia and Oceania of the Ministry of Foreign and CULTO RELATIONS.

Art. 4° La The General Assembly will be composed of:

(a) Officials designated by the Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Worship, the Interior, Economics and Public Works and Services, Culture and Education, the Secretaries of Science and Technology and Tourism of the NATIONAL REPRESIDENCE and the Governments concerned;

(b) entrepreneurs members of the bilateral joint committees operating with the countries of Asia and the Pacific;

(c) Representatives appointed by the Rectors, Deans or Directors, as appropriate, of the School of Oriental Studies of the University of Salvador; of the Asian Institutes of the National Universities of Rosario, Tucumán, Córdoba and La Plata; of the Catholic University of Córdoba; of the Universities of Palermo and Belgrano; the Argentine Section of the Latin American Association of Asia and Africa; of the National Commission for UNESCO and other Pacific Studies.

Art. 5° de The functions of the General Assembly will be:

(a) To approve the incorporation of new representatives, on the recommendation of the Executive Council;

(b) To consider the report of the Executive Council;

(c) Identify the lines of action to be followed by it;

(d) To review developments in cooperation with the countries of the Asia-Pacific area;

(e) Make recommendations to government, academic and business sectors; and

(f) to prepare and publish an annual report.

Art. 6° El The Executive Council shall consist of nine members, appointed by the General Assembly to represent the governmental, academic and entrepreneurial sectors alike.

Art. 7° : Will be the functions of the Executive Council:

(a) Implementation of the follow-up to General Assembly decisions,

(b) To consider the "ad referendum" of the same, the issues brought to its consideration by the members of the National Committee or by the Permanent Secretariat,

(c) To propose to the General Assembly the priority sectors requiring the adoption of its recommendations,

(d) To recommend to the General Assembly the incorporation of new representatives, and

(e) To convene the General Assembly.

Art. 8° : Compete a la Secretaría Permanente:

(a) To exercise the technical-administrative functions of supporting all matters within the competence of the National Committee, including the preparation of the draft rules of procedure to be adopted by resolution of the Chairman of the National Committee for Asia and the Pacific,

(b) To communicate to the General Assembly and the Executive Council the relevant information collected.

(c) To address foreign Governments and international cooperation agencies, at the disposal of the Chairman of the National Committee, the Executive Council or the General Assembly, keeping them informed of their efforts,

(d) To advise the Executive Council and the General Assembly on cooperation projects in the regional agencies of Asia and the Pacific and the priority required for their management; and

(e) To convene extraordinary meetings of the Executive Council.

Art. 9° Todos All members of the General Assembly, Executive Council and Permanent Secretariat of the National Committee will carry out their functions as "ad honorem".

Art. 10. . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese. . MENEM. Guido Di Tella.