Government General Regimen Legal - Updated Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: ESCRIBANIA GENERAL DE GOBIERNO REGIMEN LEGAL - Texto actualizado de la norma

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GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF GOVERNMENT Your legal regime is appended. DECEMBER No. 914

Bs. As., 26/4/79.

See Background

VISTO, Law 21.890, and


It is necessary to adapt to the new legal regime of the Government of the Nation ' s General Service, the provisions of a regulatory nature that condition their entry into force in accordance with article 20 of Act No. 21.890.

It is also appropriate to issue the new tariff system of the Government of the Nation ' s General Scribe on the occasion of the repeal of Decree-Law 858/57 resulting from article 21 of Act No. 21.890.







Article 1o La The antiquity required by Article 5 of Law No. 21.890 to act as a general or adscript of the Government of the Nation's General Registry shall be credited by certification issued by the respective notary school or agency in charge of the registration.

The holder and subscribers of the Government of the Nation's General Scribe shall receive the remuneration established by the National Executive.

(Article replaced by Article 1 of the Decree No. 3054/1983 B.O. 24/11/1983)

Protocol notebooks

Art. 2o Los The notebooks that form the notarial protocol will be integrated with ten (10) simple paper sheets lined with twenty-five (25) lines, similar in one whole to the notarial protocol of the College of Writers of the Federal Capital. They will carry correlative numbering of printing and contain the legends "General Writing of the Government of the Nation", "Protocol Notarial General" or "Protocol Notarial Secreto", as appropriate.

Withdrawal of titles

Art. 3o Los The titles of real property owned by the National State archived and registered in the General Registry, may only be withdrawn with the authorization of the Minister of Education and Justice . Ministry of Justice or under a judicial order. (Denomination "Ministry of Justice" replaced by the name "Ministry of Education and Justice .Secretariat of Justice" by art. 2nd Decree No. 44/1989 B.O. 24/01/1989)

Intervention of the Scriptural

Art. 4o Todo Any legal act which should be extended by public writing, to which the National State or the bodies referred to in article 18 of Law No. 21.890 is a party, shall be formalized before the General Public Service. Except for the provisions of this article, the entities that integrate the official banking system and the National Savings and Insurance Fund.

Extraprotocolous acts

Art. 5o Los Extraprotocolous notary acts in which the scribes of the General Scribe intervene will be extended in special pages of the Scribe, signed by the parties and authorized by the scribe, having to be archived in the Scribe by correlative order of dates.

Form of scriptures

Art. 6o Las The public deeds of transfer of domain of the properties acquired by the centralized and decentralised agencies of the National Public Service, the auto-archic entities, companies and companies owned by the National State, with the exception of the Anonymous Societies with the majority State Participation and the Societies of Mixed Economy, will be extended to the name of the NATIONAL ARGENTINO STATE.

(Article replaced by Article 6 of the Decree No. 895/2018 B.O. 10/10/2018. Watch: from the day of publication in the Official Gazette)


Art. 7o . In the donations of real estate in favor of the national state, the decree of the executive branch or the resolution, according to the case, that accepts the donation must contain the minimum requirements of the dominial and cadastral individualization of the property required by the Registers of the Property and will be dictated once the corresponding administrative certificates of domain are dispatched.

Change of destination

Art. 8o Todo Any change in the destination of real property owned by the National State, as well as any modification of its domain, shall be communicated to the General scribe through the respective ministries.


Art. 9o La The General Scribe shall exercise the functions relating to the Register of Patrimonial Judgments of the National Civil Service Staff established by Decree No. 7.843/53 and supplemented by its similar 1.677/54, 13.659/57 and 4.649/63.

Requirements for non-intervention

Art. 10. . If for reasons of service the General Scribe may not intervene in the celebration of the acts provided for in Article 11 of Law No. 21.890, it must make known the causes that prevent it to the Ministry of Education and Justice . Ministry of Justice within five (5) working days of receiving the requirement of the relevant agencies.

The communication should state the nature of the act and its amount, the parties involved, the tariff that would be subject to the rules in force in the national and local order and those required to pay.

The Secretariat of Justice within the CINCO (5) subsequent working days shall issue a resolution ordering the General Registry to perform the act or authorizing it not to intervene. If there is no express resolution, the General Scribe shall be authorized not to intervene.

Identical specifications to those set forth in paragraph 2 shall contain the communication of the agencies that request the intervention of the General scribe, except those relating to the determination of the tariff.

(Article replaced by Article 1 of the Decree No. 44/1989 B.O. 24/01/1989)



Perception of fees

Art. 11. La The General Scribe of the Government of the Nation shall receive fees subject to the rules of this tariff.

General rule

Art. 12. . The honorary for the notarial activity of the General Scribe that is not otherwise established in this tariff, will be the one that results from applying the one percent (1 %) aliquate on the amount of the act or contract, determined according to the bases set out in the following article.

Guidelines for determining tariff

Art. 13. La The fixing of the amount of each writing, act or contract shall be determined as follows:

(a) on the price allocated to property;

(b) on the value of assets by parties or tax assessments or official valuations;

(c) on the amount of the loan or value of the obligation;

(d) on the total value or amount of the contract, taking into account the period and its extensions. If there is no time limit, the basis shall be that which establishes the tax law applicable to the act or contract;

(e) If it is not possible to establish a value to the contract, the parties shall declare under affidavit.

Civil and commercial societies

Art. 14. s By the deeds or instruments of constitution, transformation, merger, excision, extension, renewal, adequacy, increase or reduction of capital, revaluation of assets, syndication of actions, liquidation and dissolution of civil and commercial societies, awarding of goods of such companies, issuance of musttures, formalized between the National State and individuals, shall be an honorary of zero fifty per cent (0.50 per cent) subject to the following bases:

(a) on fixed, increased, revaluated, reduced, withdrawn, awarded or liquidated capital:

(b) The deeds of emission, rescue or exchange of shares shall accrue twenty-five per cent (25%) of the honorary on the amount of the issue, rescue or exchange;

(c) The writings of adequacy of societies shall accrue fifty percent (50%) of the honorary.

Miscellaneous acts and contracts

Art. 15. Los The fees for the following acts will be the following:

a) for all kinds of powers, their substitutions and revokes three thousand pesos ($ 3000).

b) for the protests of letters of exchange, vouchers and levies and other trade papers, zero thirty percent (0.30 %);

(c) by the writings of receipt, extinction of real rights, distraction, lifting of voluntary inhibitions, zero thirty percent (0.30 %) up to a maximum of forty thousand pesos ($40,000):

(d) by the deeds of clarification, ratification, confirmation, acceptance of contracts or public instruments, as well as statements or rectifications, related to the already granted deeds, pesos three thousand ($ 3000);

(e) for each record of riff or draw, assemblies or meetings of commissions, fact checks or loss of titles, pesos five thousand ($ 5000);

(f) by issuance of second or later copies of any writing, weights eight hundred ($800);

(g) for extrajudicial inventories, zero fifty percent (0.50 percent) of the value of invented goods.

Loccations, cessions and other acts

Art. 16. ). By the deeds or instruments of locations in general, of assignments of rights, shares or credits, of regulations of co-ownership, of recognition of debts, of mutuals without guarantee and of voluntary inhibitions, shall be an honorary of zero fifty percent (0.50 %).

Naval enrolment

Art. 17. ). By naval registration deeds, it will correspond as honorary to zero fifty percent (0.50 %) on the value of the boat with a minimum of five thousand pesos ($ 5000).

Background collection, title study and certificate diligence

Art. 18. . For the work of background collection, study of titles and diligence of certificates, it will be an honorary by the individuals, holders or transmitters of domain, of two per thousand (2 per thousand) of the value of the operation. If in order to carry out these tasks, the officials of the Government of the Nation's General Registry should leave the Federal Capital or entrust them to persons outside the agency, the honorary will increase by twenty percent (20 percent).

(Article replaced by Article 1 of the Decree No. 3054/1983 B.O. 24/11/1983)

Exemption and reduction

Art. 19. El The National State is exempt from the payment of the fees provided for in this tariff.

Decentralized entities, state-owned companies and societies, Mixed Economy companies, Official Banks, parastatal farms, special accounts services, official social works and National Academys will pay the corresponding honorary, with a reduction of fifty percent (50 percent).

Update of fees

Art. 20. . The fees indicated with fixed rate will be increased semi-annually, according to the update rates provided for in article 96 of the Income Tax Act 20,628 or those that replace it.

Document preparation costs

Art. 21. . The fees established in this decree do not include the costs of preparing the document.


Art. 22. . Prove decrees 122.843/37, 2206/38, 45.287/39, 125.176/42, 13.885/45, 15.858/45, 25.696/46, 17.093/48, 12.934/50, 9095/62, 36/75 and the regulation of article 64 of the Accounting Act adopted by decree 5,720/72.


Art. 23. . Communicate, publish, give to the National Directorate of the Official Register and archvese.


Albano E. Harguindeguy.

Alberto Rodríguez Varela.


- Article 6 replaced by art. 2nd Decree No. 2670/2015 B.O. 9/12/2015. Watch: from the day of publication in the Official Gazette.