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Law 13.065


BUENOS AIRES, September 29, 1947

The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation,
in Congress, etc.

ARTICLE 1. - (Editor's note) Decree Law 14 535/44)

ARTICLE 2. - (Editor's note) Decree Law 14 535/44)

ARTICLE 3. - When the average monthly salary referred to in article 59 of the Act No. 12.921 (Decree-Law 14.535/44(a) Remuneration of more than one thousand pesos ($1.000), a special charge shall be made, in the computed remunerations, at any time when they have been perceived, of ten percent (10%) on the surplus of that sum, which may be paid by the beneficiary: (a) In a single time or on a voluntary income made at any time by the debtor (b) With 15 per cent (15%) obligatory, regardless of any other charge, on the existence of the grant, until its total amortization.

ARTICLE 4. - Retirements shall be paid from the day the participant ceases to receive, for any reason, from or from employers. For the case of persons referred to in article 5 (g) Act No. 12.921 (Decree-Law 14.535/44), from the date on which the activities covered by the Act had been completely neglected, which they must prove in a fruitful manner. In the case of partial disability retirement, payment shall be made as from the date on which the incumbent becomes another position for a decrease in the capacity to earn, within the provisions of article 75 of the Act.

ARTICLE 5. The right to apply for benefits, except for invalidity pensions, is unpredictable. The right to seek recognition of services prior to the validity of the Act No. 12.581. Monthly accrued benefits are prescribed prior to one year of the requested date. They also prescribe the monthly entitlements under payment, not received within the year of accrual. The benefits denyed to the present due to the prescribed rights, may be re-solicited by the interested parties, with the benefit from the date set out in article 9 of the present without the right to collect arrears. Any time the benefit is requested, the existence of the different requirements required by the Act No. 12.921 (Decree Law 14 535/44) at the time of the birth of the right and the time of its exercise.

ARTICLE 6. - All existing pensions and pensions shall be adjusted and liquidated in accordance with this Law from the date set out in Article 9 thereof, without the amount of payment of the resulting differences in favour of the beneficiaries prior to the same.

ARTICLE 7. - Affiliates or their beneficiaries have the right to claim from the Section Act No. 12.581 a monthly advance equal to 80 per cent (80 per cent) of retirement or pension that could correspond to them until the benefit is finally agreed upon. The so-called section will agree on this advance with the sole summary justification of the law. Granted retirement or final pension, the section will pay the refund until the amount is paid.

ARTICLE 8. - Retirements may not be less than two hundred pesos ($200) per month. This provision shall not apply to retirees for partial disability while serving or for retirees for voluntary retirement. The existence of pensions cannot be less than one hundred and fifty pesos ($150) per month.

ARTICLE 9. - This Law shall begin to govern from the first day of the month following the date of its promulgation.

ARTICLE 10. - Faccinate Section Act No. 12.581 to perform the expenses that demand the fulfillment of this Law, including remuneration for extraordinary tasks, with charge to it.

ARTICLE 11. - Default of the provisions of articles 64, 65, 67, 68, 69, 71, 81, 93 and 128 Act No. 12.921 (Decree Law 14 535/44). The provisions of the Act (Decrees Acts 9.505/45 and 30 279/45), will continue in force.

ARTICLE 12. - Contact the executive branch.

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