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Forced Removal Of Persons Benefits Laws 24.043 And 24.411 - Updated Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: DESAPARICION FORZADA DE PERSONAS BENEFICIOS LEYES 24.043 Y 24.411 - Texto actualizado de la norma

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FORZED DISAPPEARANCE OF PERSONS Law 26.564 Benefits established by Laws No. 24.043 and No. 24.411. Beneficiaries. Posted: November 25, 2009 promulgated: December 15, 2009

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation assembled in Congress, etc. sanction with force of Law:

ARTICLE 1 Include in the benefits established by Acts 24,043 and 24,411, their widening and complementary to those persons who, between 16 June 1955 and 9 December 1983, have been detained, have been victims of enforced disappearance, or have been killed in any of the conditions and circumstances set out therein.

ARTICLE 2 Include in the benefits indicated in the previous article, the victims of the actions of the rebels in the events of the uprisings of 16 June 1955 and 16 September 1955, whether the acts were carried out by members of the Armed Forces, security or police, or by paramilitary or civilian groups actually incorporated into one of the forces.

Article 3 Include with the benefits set out in the previous article, the active military who, because they did not accept to join the rebellion against the constitutional government, were victims of defamation, marginalization and/or lower force.

ARTICLE 4 Include in the benefits set out in article 1 to those who have been in that period, detained, prosecuted, convicted and/or at the disposal of the Justice or War Councils, as set out in Decree 4161/55, or the Conintes Plan (State Internal Commotion), and/or Laws 20.840, 21.322, 21.323, 21.325, 21264, 21463, 21.459 and 21.459.

ARTICLE 5o Please include in the benefits set out in article 1 to those who have been arrested for political reasons at the disposal of federal or provincial courts and/or subjected to detention regimes provided for by any regulations which, in accordance with international doctrine and treaties, may be defined as political detention.

ARTICLE 6 In the event of the death of persons detained, disappeared or killed, the benefits of such persons shall be derived under Acts 24.411 and 24,823.

ARTICLE 7 It shall be the authority to implement this law, the Ministry of Justice, Security and Human Rights of the Nation.

ARTICLE 8 The request for benefit shall be made by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Ministry of Human Rights.

(Article replaced by Article 2 of the Act No. 27.143 B.O. 24/6/2015)

(Note Infoleg: by art. 3° of the Act No. 27.143 B.O. 24/6/2015 it is stated that the application for the benefits set out in Acts 24,043, 24,411 and 26,564 has no expiry period)

Article 9 Contact the national executive branch.



JULY C. C. COBOS. EDUARDO A. FELLNER. . Enrique Hidalgo. . Juan H. Estrada.