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Animal Health Agreements (Hungria) - Full Text Of The Norm

Original Language Title: ACUERDOS SANIDAD ANIMAL (HUNGRIA) - Texto completo de la norma

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Act No. 25.486 Approve an Agreement on Animal Health signed with the Government of the Republic of Hungary

Sanctioned: October 24, 2001.

Cast: November 19, 2001.

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation assembled in Congress etc. sanction with force of law:

ARTICLE 1 Agree on the subject of annihilated sanity between the Government of the ARGENTINA REPUBLIC and the Government of the HUNGRIA REPUBLIC, which consists of NEW (9) articles, signed in Budapest deREPUBLIC OF HUNGRIA el on 10 December 1999.

ARTICLE 2 Contact the national executive branch.



PASCUAL RAFAEL. . MARIO A. LOSADA. . Roberto C. Marafioti. . Juan C. Oyarzún.



The Government of the Argentine Republic and the Government of the Republic of Hungary henceforth referred to as the "Parts",

In order to develop a process of technical cooperation among its services responsible for animal health,

Bearing in mind that all aspects of animal health will be of interest to the Parties for the trade in animals as well as livestock products and by-products,

To promote the exchange of information, technology and legislation concerning animal health among the Parties,

Bearing in mind the application of the "Risk Analysis" methodology referred to in the sanitary and phytosanitary section of the "World Trade Organization" Agreement,

In order to promote the development of mutual knowledge and facilitate the exchange of livestock, products and by-products between the two Parties,

They agreed on the following:


The Parties, in order to avoid the introduction in their national territories of contagious or infectious animal diseases and health-injurious animal products, undertake to collaborate in the field of export import and transit of living animals, livestock products and other items that could be carriers of pathogenic agents.


The Parties designate the following relevant agencies for the implementation of this Agreement:

. por el Gobierno de la República Argentina, Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Quality Agroelimentaria (SENASA) de la Secretaría de Agricultura, Ganadería, Pesca y Alimentos.

. by the Government of the Republic of Hungary, the Department of Animal Health and Food Control, Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development.


(1) The competent authorities of the Parties undertake:

(a) To report to each other without delay on the identification of the animal diseases included in the List "A" of the International Code of Animal Health of the International Bureau of Epizootias (I.O.E.), as well as the identification of infectious animal diseases, whose appearance so far has not been detected in the territories of the Argentine Republic and the Republic of Hungary or whose outbreak had not taken place for several years;

(b) The information should contain the species and quantity of sick animals, the place of the disease, identification and method of diagnosis and control of the disease. In case of afty disease, the type of isolated virus should also be indicated;

(c) The information mentioned above shall be provided until the disease is completely eliminated;

(d) At the request, Parties shall report to each other on outbreaks of infectious diseases included in List "B" of the International Code of Animal Health of the International Bureau of Epizootypes (I.O.E.).

(2) If one of the diseases mentioned in Article 3, paragraph 1 (a), appears in the territory of one of the Parties, they will be mutually collaborative in the etiological diagnosis, and at the request, the cultivation of the isolated pathogen will be provided.

(3) The competent authorities of the Parties shall periodically exchange their monthly reports on the situation of infectious animal diseases to be informed, both in the Argentine Republic and in the Republic of Hungary.


In order to protect the health status of animals, Parties will report to each other on the practical application of updated veterinary knowledge, to ensure the prevention of the occurrence of infectious, parasitic and other animal diseases.


In the interest of developing cooperation in the veterinary sector, as well as improving the efficiency of scientific research, Parties undertake to:

s to promote the cooperation of scientific and diagnostic veterinary institutions,

. promote the exchange of technical journals and other publications of interest to the veterinary.

, exchanging the legal rules and regulations on veterinary and information regarding changes in the organizational structure of the veterinary sector,

. to report to each other on technical meetings and programmes and provide possibilities to the specialists of both Parties for their participation.


The outstanding issues arising from the implementation of the provisions of this Agreement shall be resolved through deliberations and direct actions of the central competent authorities of the Parties.

The Parties shall harmonize health certificates for relevant livestock products in the light of the recommendations of the I.O.E. and the principles of the SPS.


With regard to the travel of delegates or delegations under Articles 5 and 6 of this Agreement, all costs relating to the travel of the host country to the host country, as well as accommodation and road costs will be borne by the sending country, while internal transportation costs in the host country will be borne by the host country.


This Agreement shall enter into force at thirty (30) days of the date on which the Parties have mutually reported that the domestic requirements for its entry into force have been met.

It will have an indefinite validity. Any Party wishing to report it shall notify the other Party in writing in advance of six months.

The termination of this Agreement shall not affect the continuity of the current actions.


The present Agreement shall, from its entry into force, completely replace the Animal Health Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the Argentine Republic and the Government of the People ' s Republic of Hungary of 01 April 1982.

Made in Budapest on December 10, 1999, in two equally authentic originals, each in the Spanish, Hungarian and English languages. In case of divergence, the English text will prevail.