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WAC 173-455-020: Definitions

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 173 > Chapter 173-455 > Section 173-455-020



Agency filings affecting this section

WAC 173-455-020


The definitions of terms contained in chapter 173-400 WAC are incorporated by reference. Unless a different meaning is clearly required by context, the following words and phrases as used in this chapter shall have the following meanings:
(1) "Fossil fuel" means natural gas, petroleum, coal, or any form of solid, liquid, or gaseous fuel derived from such material to produce heat for the generation of electricity.
(2) "Solid fuel burning device" (same as solid fuel heating device) means a device that burns wood, coal, or any other nongaseous or nonliquid fuels, and includes any device burning any solid fuel except those prohibited by WAC 173-433-120. This also includes devices used for aesthetic or space-heating purposes in a private residence or commercial establishment, which has a heat input less than one million British thermal units per hour.
(3) "Weather modification and control" means changing or attempting to change or control by artificial methods, the natural development of any or all atmospheric cloud forms or precipitation forms which occur in the troposphere.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.94.181, [70.94.]152, [70.94.]331, [70.94.]650, [70.94.]745, [70.94.]892. WSR 07-11-018 (Order 06-14), § 173-455-020, filed 5/3/07, effective 6/3/07.]