Published: 2015

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Article 1 General and Miscellaneous Provisions.

Section 45-35-10 Disclaimer.

Article 2 Alcoholic Beverages.

Part 1 Licensing.

Section 45-35-20 Legislative findings.

Section 45-35-20.01 Construction; purpose.

Section 45-35-20.02 Adoption of related provisions.

Section 45-35-20.03 Definitions.

Section 45-35-20.04 Prohibited activities.

Section 45-35-20.05 Exceptions.

Section 45-35-20.06 Civil action for violations.

Section 45-35-20.07 Limitations on existing adult businesses.

Part 2 Sale.

Section 45-35-21 Regulation and sale of alcoholic beverages.

Section 45-35-21.01 Sale of draft or keg beer by retail licensees.

Article 3 Boards and Commissions.

Section 45-35-30 Reserved.

Article 4 Business, Labor, and Occupations.

Section 45-35-40 Branch banking.

Article 5 Constables.

Section 45-35-50 Office of constable abolished.

Article 6 Coroner.

Part 1 Compensation.

Section 45-35-60 Salary and expense allowance.

Part 2 Operation of Office.

Section 45-35-61 Expenditures; deputy coroner.

Article 7 County Commission.

Part 1 Compensation.

Section 45-35-70 Compensation of chair and commissioners; expense allowance.

Part 2 Membership.

Section 45-35-71 Composition; terms.

Section 45-35-71.01 Ballots.

Section 45-35-71.02 Qualifications.

Section 45-35-71.03 Vacancies.

Section 45-35-71.04 Districts.

Article 8 Courts.

Part 1 Circuit Court.

Section 45-35-80 Compensation - Circuit judges, district attorney.

Section 45-35-80.01 Compensation - Special roving court reporters.

Part 2 Court Costs.

Section 45-35-81 Additional court costs - Criminal or misdemeanor cases.

Section 45-35-81.01 Additional court costs - Criminal and civil cases.

Part 3 District Attorney.

Section 45-35-82 Reserved.

Part 4 Probate Court.

Division 1 Compensation.

Section 45-35-83 Expense allowance.

Division 2 Fees.

Section 45-35-83.20 Additional filing fee.

Section 45-35-83.21 Additional filing fee - Excluding tag and license functions.

Division 3 Licensing.

Section 45-35-83.40 Privilege license.

Section 45-35-83.41 List of privilege or business licenses.

Division 4 Motor Vehicle, Vessel, and Non-motorized Vehicle Assessment.

Section 45-35-83.60 Application; taxes and fees; issuance of tags and licenses.

Section 45-35-83.61 Boat certificates of registration.

Division 5 Operation of Office.

Section 45-35-83.80 Recording of instruments conveying title to real property.

Section 45-35-83.81 On-line computer service for access to certain records.

Section 45-35-83.82 Noncollectible negotiable instruments; retrieval and voiding of license.

Article 9 Economic and Industrial Development and Tourism.

Section 45-35-90 Reserved.

Article 10 Education.

Section 45-35-100 Board of education expense allowance.

Article 11 Elections.

Part 1 Board of Registrars.

Section 45-35-110 Compensation.

Section 45-35-110.01 Health insurance coverage.

Part 2 Poll Workers.

Section 45-35-111 Compensation.

Section 45-35-111.01 Additional compensation.

Article 12 Employees.

Part 1 Civil Service System.

Section 45-35-120 Definitions.

Section 45-35-120.01 Division into exempt and classified services.

Section 45-35-120.02 Status of employees.

Section 45-35-120.03 Board members.

Section 45-35-120.04 Meetings; personnel; compensation.

Section 45-35-120.05 Rules, classification plans, and pay plans.

Section 45-35-120.06 Amendments and repeal.

Section 45-35-120.07 Job classification plan.

Section 45-35-120.08 Pay plan.

Section 45-35-120.09 Examination.

Section 45-35-120.10 Temporary appointment.

Section 45-35-120.11 Lists of names of persons available for appointment.

Section 45-35-120.12 Method of filling vacancies.

Section 45-35-120.13 Probation.

Section 45-35-120.14 Absences; hours of work.

Section 45-35-120.15 Lay-off of employees.

Section 45-35-120.16 Dismissal, demotion, and suspension of employees.

Section 45-35-120.17 Procedure for protesting certain disciplinary action.

Section 45-35-120.18 Appeal.

Section 45-35-120.19 Recordkeeping.

Section 45-35-120.20 Political activities prohibited.

Section 45-35-120.21 Expenses of board.

Section 45-35-120.22 Construction of part.

Part 2 Incentive Program.

Section 45-35-121 Employee incentive program.

Article 13 Engineer, County.

Section 45-35-130 Reserved.

Article 14 Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services.

Section 45-35-140 Applicability.

Section 45-35-140.01 Legislative findings.

Section 45-35-140.02 Fire protection service fee - Levy; definitions; exemption.

Section 45-35-140.03 Fire protection service fee - Collection, administration, and enforcement.

Section 45-35-140.04 Eligible volunteer fire department.

Section 45-35-140.05 Disposition of funds.

Section 45-35-140.06 Transfer of funds upon dissolution or abandonment of volunteer fire department.

Section 45-35-140.07 Liability of personnel.

Section 45-35-140.08 Purpose.

Section 45-35-140.09 Regulatory control and supervision; forfeiture of funds.

Article 15 Gambling.

Section 45-35-150 Definitions.

Section 45-35-150.01 Bingo games - Authorized.

Section 45-35-150.02 Bingo games - Permits.

Section 45-35-150.03 Bingo games - Permit requirements.

Section 45-35-150.04 Bingo games - Legislative intent; prize limits; deductions for expenses; consulting fee.

Section 45-35-150.05 Bingo games - Fees; disposition of funds.

Section 45-35-150.06 Bingo games - Charitable or educational purposes of proceeds.

Section 45-35-150.07 Bingo games - Equipment; prize and conduct limitations.

Section 45-35-150.08 Bingo games - Recordkeeping.

Section 45-35-150.09 Bingo games - Filing of records; inspection; examination or audit.

Section 45-35-150.10 Revocation of bingo permit - Procedures.

Section 45-35-150.11 Revocation of bingo permit - Eligibility; effect of convictions.

Section 45-35-150.12 Revocation of bingo permit - Jurisdiction to restrain or enjoin.

Section 45-35-150.13 Violations.

Section 45-35-150.14 Seizure and forfeiture of contraband.

Section 45-35-150.15 Applicability of other laws.

Article 16 Government Finance and Operations.

Section 45-35-160 Liability for monetary loss.

Section 45-35-160.01 Payments by credit card.

Section 45-35-160.02 Contingent Fund.

Article 17 Health and Environment.

Section 45-35-170 Board of health fees.

Article 18 Highways and Bridges.

Section 45-35-180 Road maintenance programs, rules, costs.

Article 19 Legislature.

Section 45-35-190 Reserved.

Article 20 Licenses and Licensing.

Section 45-35-200 License Commissioner.

Article 21 Motor Vehicles and Transportation.

Section 45-35-210 Reserved.

Article 22 Parks, Historic Preservation, Museums, and Recreation.

Section 45-35-220 Reserved.

Article 23 Sheriff.

Part 1 Compensation.

Section 45-35-230 Salary; expense allowance.

Part 2 Funding.

Section 45-35-231 Record of abandoned and stolen property; storage.

Section 45-35-231.01 Sale of perishable property.

Section 45-35-231.02 Record of abandoned and stolen firearms; sale or distribution.

Section 45-35-231.03 Notice and sale of abandoned or stolen property.

Section 45-35-231.04 Claim of ownership.

Section 45-35-231.05 Record of sale; rejection of bid.

Section 45-35-231.06 Disposition of sale proceeds.

Part 3 Jails.

Division 1 Jail concession.

Section 45-35-232 Operation; concession fund.

Division 2 Work Release.

Section 45-35-232.20 Work release for gainful employment conducive to rehabilitation.

Section 45-35-232.21 Reporting to jail.

Section 45-35-232.22 Failure to report to jail.

Section 45-35-232.23 Purpose; Houston County Work Release and Pretrial Release Fund.

Section 45-35-232.24 Disposition of funds.

Section 45-35-232.25 Legislative intent.

Section 45-35-232.26 Judicial officer.

Section 45-35-232.27 Release pending trial; order.

Section 45-35-232.28 Failure to appear.

Section 45-35-232.29 Revocation of release - Violation of condition of release.

Section 45-35-232.30 Revocation of release - Probable cause of felony or misdemeanor.

Section 45-35-232.31 Forfeiture of cash or security.

Section 45-35-232.32 Houston County Work Release and Pretrial Release Commission.

Section 45-35-232.33 Contempt; sanctions.

Section 45-35-232.34 Houston County Commission authorized to provide funding, in-kind service, or other aid.

Section 45-35-232.35 Procedures cumulative.

Division 3 Work Release Commission Employees.

Section 45-35-232.60 Community corrections officers.

Part 4 Pistol Permits.

Section 45-35-233 Fee; disposition of funds; Sheriff's Fund.

Part 5 Retirement.

Section 45-35-234 Receipt of badge and pistol upon retirement.

Article 24 Taxation.

Part 1 Board of Equalization.

Section 45-35-240 Days of service; compensation.

Part 2 Revenue Commissioner.

Division 1 Compensation.

Section 45-35-241 Salary.

Division 2 Operation of Office.

Section 45-35-241.20 Merging of budgetary operations.

Section 45-35-241.21 Duties of judge of probate transferred.

Part 3 Tax, Gasoline.

Section 45-35-242 Levy of tax.

Section 45-35-242.01 Administration.

Section 45-35-242.02 Disposition of funds.

Section 45-35-242.03 Repeal of taxes levied or collected by incorporated cities or towns.

Section 45-35-242.04 Purpose of taxes.

Section 45-35-242.05 License; surety bond; distributor requirements; audits; records.

Section 45-35-242.06 Violations.

Part 4 Tax, Lodging.

Section 45-35-243 Levy and collection; disposition of funds.

Part 5 Tax. Sales and Use.

Division 1 County.

Section 45-35-244 Definitions.

Section 45-35-244.01 Levy of privilege or license tax.

Section 45-35-244.02 Provisions of states sales tax statutes applicable.

Section 45-35-244.03 Levy of excise tax.

Section 45-35-244.04 Provisions of state use tax statutes applicable.

Section 45-35-244.05 Collection of sales taxes and use taxes.

Section 45-35-244.06 Procedures for payment, assessment, and collection.

Section 45-35-244.07 Charge for collection.

Section 45-35-244.08 Disposition of funds.

Section 45-35-244.09 Duration of levy.

Division 2 Municipal.

Section 45-35-244.30 Authorization; prerequisites.

Section 45-35-244.31 Collection.

Section 45-35-244.32 Preparation and distribution of reports, etc.

Section 45-35-244.33 Charge for collection.

Section 45-35-244.34 Applicability of other laws; construction of tax as debt.

Section 45-35-244.35 Amendment of ordinance.

Section 45-35-244.36 Applicability.

Part 6 Tax, Tobacco.

Section 45-35-245 Levy, collection, and enforcement; disposition of funds.

Article 25 Utilities.

Section 45-35-250 Dothan-Houston County Communications District Board.

Article 26 Zoning and Planning.

Section 45-35-260 Reserved.