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WAC 296-874-40026: Meet these requirements when using ladder jack scaffolds

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 296 > Chapter 296-874 > Section 296-874-40026



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WAC 296-874-40026

Meet these requirements when using ladder jack scaffolds.

(1) You must make sure the platform height is not higher than twenty feet (6.1 m). (2) You must make sure ladder jacks are designed and constructed so they rest: (a) On the side rails and ladder rungs together; or (b) Only on the rungs. (3) You must make sure ladder jacks that rest on rungs only have a bearing area that includes a length of at least ten inches (25.4 cm) on each rung. (4) You must make sure ladders used to support ladder jacks are: (a) Type I (two hundred fifty pound rated capacity) or Type IA (300 pound rated capacity); and (b) Are placed, fastened, or equipped with devices to prevent slipping.

Ladders with a duty rating or weight capacity greater than a Type I ladder (250 pounds) satisfy the requirement to use a Type I or Type IA ladder.

(5) You must make sure job-made ladders are not used to support ladder jack scaffolds. (6) You must make sure scaffold platforms are not bridged together.

1. There are specific fall protection requirements for employees using ladder jack scaffolds. Go to WAC 296-874-20056.

2. Requirements for portable and fixed ladders are found in chapter 296-876 WAC, Ladders, portable and fixed.

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