Published: 2015

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Article 1 General Provisions.

Section 2-26-1 Definitions.

Section 2-26-2 Powers and duties of commissioner generally.

Section 2-26-3 Promulgation of rules and regulations by state board.

Section 2-26-4 Establishment of seed division and testing laboratory; powers and duties thereof; enforcement of rules and regulations as to sale or distribution of tree or shrub seed.

Section 2-26-5 Annual permit fees.

Section 2-26-6 Injunctive proceedings to restrain persons selling, processing, cleaning, etc., seed without permit.

Section 2-26-7 Requirements as to labeling of containers in which seed sold, distributed, etc.

Section 2-26-8 Analyses and interpretations of seeds.

Section 2-26-9 Requirements as to certification, etc., of hybrid seed corn sold or offered for sale.

Section 2-26-10 Maintenance, inspection, etc., of records as to receipt, sale and delivery of seeds generally; maintenance of sales records by retail sellers; maintenance of bills of lading, waybills, etc., by trucks, etc., transporting seed for sale, etc.; auditing of records of receipts, sales and deliveries of seeds.

Section 2-26-11 Prohibited acts.

Section 2-26-12 Suspension from sale, seizure and condemnation of articles not in compliance with provisions of article.

Section 2-26-13 Violation of provisions of article or rules or regulations promulgated hereunder deemed misdemeanor.

Section 2-26-14 Exemptions from article.

Section 2-26-15 Seed inspection fees; reporting.

Article 2 Elimination of Fungi and Noxious Weeds From Seed.

Section 2-26-30 Promulgation of rules and regulations for removal, etc., of fungi and noxious weeds from seeds and small grains by commissioner.

Section 2-26-31 Suspension from sale, seizure and condemnation of seeds and small grains sold, transported, etc., in violation of rules and regulations; right of commissioner to inspect and secure samples.

Section 2-26-32 Failure to process, clean, etc., seeds or small grains or sale, distribution, etc., of seeds or small grains not cleaned, processed, etc., in accordance with rules and regulations promulgated under article.

Article 3 Registration of Symbol of Seeds or Plant Parts.

Section 2-26-50 Adoption and registration of symbols of identification or certification of foundation seed, seeds or plant parts.

Section 2-26-51 Use of symbols by persons, associations, etc., other than associations registering same; violations of provisions of article deemed misdemeanors.

Section 2-26-52 Cooperation of Department of Agriculture and Industries and Agricultural Extension Service and Experiment Station of Auburn University.

Article 4 Investigation and Settlement of Complaints as to Quality of Seeds.

Section 2-26-70 Purpose of article.

Section 2-26-71 Creation of Seed Investigation and Arbitration Committee; composition; qualifications, appointment and terms of office of members; officers; meetings generally.

Section 2-26-72 Compensation and expenses of members of committee.

Section 2-26-73 Duties of committee; calling of meetings of committee.

Section 2-26-74 Filing of complaint as to performance or labeling of seed by purchaser; forwarding of complaint and answer thereto to committee for investigation, findings and recommendations.

Section 2-26-75 Conduct of investigation as to complaint by committee; hindering, obstructing, etc., access to premises, review of records, etc., by committee; report of findings and recommendations.

Section 2-26-76 Effect and admissibility as evidence of findings and recommendations of committee; effect of provisions of article upon legal and equitable rights of persons.