201 Kar 27:090. Trainers

Link to law: http://www.lrc.ky.gov/kar/201/027/090.htm
Published: 2015

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      201 KAR 27:090. Trainers.


      RELATES TO: KRS 229.081(7), 229.091(1),

229.190, 229.200, 229.991



229.180(1) grants the authority the power to promulgate, amend, or abrogate

administrative regulations necessary to perform its regulatory functions. KRS

229.081(7) provides for the licensing of trainers at a professional bout. KRS

229.091(1) provides that every licensee shall be subject to such administrative

regulations as the authority prescribes. This administrative regulation sets

forth standards governing the conduct of trainers.


      Section 1. (1) A trainer shall report to,

and be under, the general supervision of the inspector or employee of the

authority in attendance at the show.

      (2) A trainer shall obey all orders of

the inspector or employee of the authority.


      Section 2. (1) A trainer shall be

licensed by the authority and shall be governed by KRS Chapter 229 and 201 KAR

Chapter 27.

      (2) An applicant shall file a completed

application and pay the license fee established in 201 KAR 27:008, Sections 2

and 3.


      Section 3. Any violation by a trainer of

KRS Chapter 229 or 201 KAR Chapter 27 may be sufficient cause for

disqualification of the contestant, for whom the trainer acts, by the referee

or judges.


      Section 4. A trainer shall not act as a

manager unless so licensed.


      Section 5. A trainer shall be equipped

with a first aid kit and the necessary supplies for proper attendance upon the



      Section 6. A trainer shall leave the ring

at the timekeeper's ten (10) seconds whistle before the beginning of each round

of a boxing, kickboxing, or mixed martial arts event or elimination event and

shall remove all equipment. Equipment shall not be placed on the ring floor

until after the bell has sounded at the end of the round or period.


      Section 7. A trainer shall not throw a

towel or other article into the ring.


      Section 8. A trainer shall wear surgical

gloves at all times while carrying out the trainer’s duties.


      Section 9. If the inspector has reason to

believe that a trainer has committed a violation of KRS Chapter 229 or 201 KAR

Chapter 27, the inspector may take one (1) or more of the following actions:

      (1) Issuance of a cease and desist order

to the trainer;

      (2) Issuance of a notice of violation to

the trainer; or

      (3) Ejection of the trainer from a show.


      Section 10. Upon the finding of a

violation of KRS Chapter 229 or 201 KAR Chapter 27 by a trainer, the authority

may impose one (1) or more of the following penalties:

      (1) Suspension of the license of the

trainer pursuant to KRS 229.200;

      (2) Revocation of the license of the

trainer pursuant to KRS 229.200;

      (3) Reprimand of the trainer pursuant to

KRS 229.200; or

      (4) Assessment of a fine pursuant to KRS

229.991(5). (32 Ky.R. 1849; 2267; eff. 7-7-2006.)