Published: 2015

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The Oregon Administrative Rules contain OARs filed through November 15, 2015








Authority for Administrative Rules
Administrative Rules covering vehicle safety equipment are promulgated under the Oregon Transportation Commission's authority as set forth in ORS 184.616, and under authority of other statutes of the Oregon Vehicle Code that require or are relevant to adoption of the specific rules.
[Publications: Publications referenced are available from the agency.]
Stat. Auth.: ORS 184.616, ORS 184.811, ORS 184.815, ORS 184.816 & ORS 184.818

Stats. Implemented: ORS 815.030

Hist.: MV 9-1986, f. & ef. 6-20-86; Administrative Renumbering 3-1988, Renumbered from 735-160-000
Equipment Compliance and Approval
(1) The Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency, Inc. (AMECA) is designated an approval authority for the Transportation Safety Division of the Oregon Department of Transportation (Transportation Safety).
(2) The AMECA's Equipment Compliance Program may be used by manufacturers for verifying their equipment items meet the appropriate Transportation Safety adopted standards. This does not preclude other manufacturer self-certification methods of federally regulated items.
(3) AMECA's accredited testing laboratories shall be recognized as approved by Transportation Safety.
(4) AMECA's Notice of Equipment Compliance for an equipment item, or the showing of the item on an AMECA's Compliance Listing shall be acceptable proof to Transportation Safety that the item meets equipment standards. All equipment must be tested to comply with standards adopted by Transportation Safety. This does not preclude testing to more stringent standards.
(5) The review of manufacturer's test results through the AMECA's program shall be an acceptable procedure to verify equipment compliance to standards.
(6) Transportation Safety may request a manufacturer's test results for conformance review, and may consider testing or retesting at any time there is reason to believe an item does not meet established standards.
(7) Transportation Safety may request the testing laboratory name, address, contact person and telephone number from the manufacturer to verify test procedures and test results if there is reason to believe an item does not meet established standards.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 184.616, ORS 815.010, ORS 815.030 & ORS 816.010

Stats. Implemented: ORS 815.010, ORS 815.030 & ORS 816.010

Hist.: MV 3-1987, f. & ef. 4-16-87; Administrative Renumbering 3-1988, Renumbered from 735-080-0010; DMV 12-1994, f. & cert. ef. 10-6-94; DMV 3-1997, f. & cert. ef. 1-21-97
Bus Safety Lights Used on Church Buses
(1) The Transportation Safety Division of the Department of Transportation (Transportation Safety) adopts the following requirements for eligibility for a permit to allow use of bus safety lights on a church bus, and for the requirements for use of the lights.
(2) For purposes of this rule, the following definitions apply:
(a) "Church bus" means any bus that is operated by a religious organization while the bus is being used to transport children to and from religious services or an activity or function authorized by the religious organization.
(b) "Bus safety lights" means the red and amber alternately flashing lights described in ORS 816.260.
(c) "Qualified person" means:
(A) Any Department of Education school bus inspector;
(B) A currently employed mechanic or inspector of a school district or of a contractor engaged in a school bus fleet operation;
(C) A competent mechanic, defined as anyone receiving a substantial portion of their income repairing motor vehicles, and who is currently active at this work; or
(D) A person designated for this purpose by Transportation Safety.
(3) A church bus will be issued a permit allowing use of bus safety lights upon receipt of a written request submitted to Transportation Safety. The request must be accompanied by a statement signed by a qualified person stating that the vehicle meets the following requirements:
(a) That flashing amber and red lights have been installed and operate in accordance with requirements adopted by the Department of Education in OAR 581-053-0517(23)(k);
(b) That the vehicle is painted National School Bus Yellow; and
(c) That the vehicle is identified in the following manner:
(A) The church bus bears the wording "CHURCH BUS" in black letters at least eight inches high and of proportionate width, on both the front and rear of the body. This lettering shall be placed as high on the bus body as possible without impairment of its visibility; and
(B) A warning sign, calling attention to the bus safety light stop law is installed on the rear of the bus. The sign shall be centered on the back of the bus and occupy the space, beltline high, directly beneath the upper window in the rear door. Signs on transit type buses shall be in approximately the same area. A warning sign shall consist of decals of white reflectorized letters mounted on a flat black background that is nine inches by 30 inches, with lettering as shown in the following diagram:
(4) Operation of church bus flashing lights shall be in accordance with requirements adopted by the Department of Education in OAR 581-053-0015(7) and with ORS 811.515.
(5) The bus safety light system must be checked at least once a year by a qualified person as defined in section (2) of this rule. This person must provide the religious organization with a signed statement that the system is operating properly. The religious organization must retain such statements in their records for the vehicle.
(6) The approval permit, or a copy may be carried in the bus, to show as verification of Transportation Safety approval to use the light system on the vehicle.
(7) A permit issued under this rule is not transferable and is subject to cancellation with 30 days notice if Transportation Safety determines that there is any violation of this rule.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 184.616, ORS 811.515, ORS 816.260, ORS 818.260 & ORS 818.270

Stats. Implemented: ORS 818.260

Hist.: MV 12-1986, f. & ef. 8-22-86; Administrative Renumbering 3-1988, Renumbered from 735-080-0130
735-100-0030 [Renumbered to 737-100-0030]

The official copy of an Oregon Administrative Rule is
contained in the Administrative Order filed at the Archives Division,
800 Summer St. NE, Salem, Oregon 97310. Any discrepancies with the
published version are satisfied in favor of the Administrative Order.
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