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WAC 383-07-120: Distribution of awards

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 383 > Chapter 383-07 > Section 383-07-120



No agency filings affecting this section since 2003

WAC 383-07-120

Distribution of awards.

Awards shall be distributed to employees and supervisors of the team identified as team members in the final report as follows:
(1) If the board determines in its judgment that a team qualifies for an award, the board shall authorize payment of the award to the team a percentage of net savings as negotiated between the team and agency management. The percentage of actual net savings and/or revenue generated shall not exceed twenty-five percent of the total net savings and/or revenue to be shared among team members.
(2) The team award shall be divided and distributed in equal shares to members of the team, except those who have worked within the team for less than the TIP project period or less than full time during the project period shall receive a pro rata share based upon the fraction of the TIP project period worked.
(3) No individual share of the team award shall exceed ten thousand dollars per person, which is the maximum award allowed in RCW 41.60.041(2) and WAC 383-07-125(2).
(4) Funds for paying awards shall be drawn from the agency in which the team is located. Awards for generating increased revenue to a state fund or account may be paid from the benefitted fund or account. Awards may be paid to teams for process changes which generate new or additional money for the general fund or any other funds of the state. The director of the office of financial management shall distribute moneys appropriated for this purpose with the concurrence of the productivity board. Transfers shall be made from other funds of the state to the general fund in amounts equal to award payments made by the general fund, for innovations generating new or additional money for those funds. Awards may only be given for savings derived and/or revenue generated for the state.
(5) Teams not demonstrating cost efficiencies may receive special recognition of merit in the form and manner determined by the board.
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