WAC 388-145-1790: What are the food and meal guideline requirements?

Link to law: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=388-145-1790
Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 388 > Chapter 388-145 > Section 388-145-1790



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WAC 388-145-1790

What are the food and meal guideline requirements?

(1) Food served to children in your care must be properly stored and prepared, and meet children's nutritional, cultural and developmental needs, offering a variety of foods for meal enjoyment. (2) You must routinely provide an opportunity during mealtimes for socialization for all children. (3) You must not serve home canned foods to children. (4) You must properly store, prepare, and serve food to meet the needs of the children in your care. All food service facilities and food handling practices must comply with rules and regulations of the state board of health governing food service sanitation. This includes a food handler's permit for all staff per chapter 246-215 WAC. (5) You must prepare and date daily menus, including snacks, at least one week in advance. You must keep the menus on file for a minimum of six months so that we can review them. (6) You must establish and post a schedule of mealtimes. (7) You must ensure that staff are aware of each child's dietary restrictions, in a manner that ensures the child's privacy. [Statutory Authority: Chapters 13.34 and 74.13 RCW, RCW 74.15.030(2), 74.15.311(2), 74.13.032, 13.04.011, 74.13.020, 13.34.030, 74.13.031, 13.34.145, 74.15.311, 74.15.030, and 2013 c 105. WSR 15-01-069, § 388-145-1790, filed 12/11/14, effective 1/11/15.]