10:15-32-3. Standards for CPE Program Development 

Link to law: http://www.oar.state.ok.us/viewhtml/10_15-32-3.htm
Published: 2015

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10:15-32-3. Standards for CPE Program Development 

(a)    Sponsored learning activities must be based on relevant learning objectives and outcomes that clearly articulate the knowledge, skills, and abilities that can be achieved by participants in the learning activities. Learning activities provided by CPE program sponsors for the benefit of CPAs should specify the level, content, and learning objectives so that potential participants can determine if the learning activities are appropriate to their professional competence development needs. Levels include, for example, basic, intermediate, advanced, update, and overview.
(b)    CPE program sponsors should develop and execute learning activities in a manner consistent with the prerequisite education, experience, and/or advance preparation of participants. To the extent it is possible to do so, CPE program sponsors should make every attempt to equate program content and level with the backgrounds of intended participants. All programs must clearly identify prerequisite education, experience, and/or advance preparation, if any, in precise language so that potential participants can readily ascertain whether they qualify for the program.
(c)    CPE program sponsors must use activities, materials, and delivery systems that are current, technically accurate, and effectively designed. CPE program sponsors must be qualified in the subject matter.
(1)    To best facilitate the learning process, sponsored programs and materials must be prepared, presented and updated timely. Learning activities must be developed by individuals or teams having expertise in the subject matter. Expertise may be demonstrated through practical experience or education.
(2)    CPE program sponsors must review the course materials periodically to assure that they are accurate and consistent with currently accepted standards relating to the program's subject matter.
(d)    CPE program sponsors of group and self-study programs must ensure learning activities are reviewed by qualified persons other than those who developed them to assure that the program is technically accurate and current and addresses the stated learning objectives. These reviews must occur before the first presentation of these materials and again after each significant revision of the CPE programs. Individuals or teams qualified in the subject matter must review programs. When it is impractical to review certain programs in advance, such as lectures given only once, greater reliance should be placed on the recognized professional competence of the instructors or presenters. Using independent reviewing organizations familiar with these standards may enhance quality assurance.
(e)    CPE program sponsors of independent study learning activities must be qualified in the subject matter. A CPE program sponsor of independent study learning activities must have expertise in the specific subject area related to the independent study. The CPE program sponsor must also:
(1)    Review, evaluate, approve and sign the proposed independent study learning contract, including agreeing in advance on the number of credits to be recommended upon successful completion.
(2)    Review and sign the written report developed by the participant in independent study.
(3)    Retain the necessary documentation to satisfy regulatory requirements as to the content, inputs, and outcomes of the independent study.
(f)    Self-study programs must employ learning methodologies that clearly define learning objectives, guide the participant through the learning process, and provide evidence of a participant's satisfactory completion of the program.
(1)    To guide participants through a learning process, CPE program sponsors of self-study programs must elicit participant responses to test for understanding of the material, offer evaluative feedback to incorrect responses, and provide reinforcement feedback to correct responses. To provide evidence of satisfactory completion of the course, CPE program sponsors of self-study programs must require participants to successfully complete a final examination with a minimum-passing grade of at least 70 percent before issuing CPE credit for the course. Examinations may contain questions of varying format, (for example, multiple-choice, essay and simulations.) If objective type questions are used, at least five questions per CPE credit must be included on the final examination. For example, the final examination for a five-credit course must include at least 25 questions.
(2)    Self-study programs must be based on materials specifically developed for instructional use. Self-study programs requiring only the reading of general professional literature, IRS publications, or reference manuals followed by a test will not be acceptable. However, the use of the publications and reference materials in self-study programs as supplements to the instructional materials could qualify if the self-study program complies with each of the CPE standards.
[Source: Added at 20 Ok Reg 1897, eff 7-1-03; Amended at 21 Ok Reg 1981, eff 7-1-04]