1:2008-3A. [Terminated]

Link to law: http://www.oar.state.ok.us/viewhtml/1_2008-3A.htm
Published: 2015

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1:2008-3A. [TERMINATED]
Amending EO 2008-3, which continued EO 2007-50, temporarily supsending certain requirements related to vehicles used for storm relief efforts in Oklahoma
(Brad Henry 2-18-08)
[Source: Added as amendment to EO 08-3 at 25 Ok Reg 733, eff 2-18-08; Amended at 25 Ok Reg 1481 (codified at 1:2008-3B), eff 4-17-08; Amended at 25 Ok Reg 2133 (codified at 1:2008-3C), eff 5-16-08; Terminated 30 days after 5-16-08 amendment]