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Nuisance Game Animals

Published: 2015

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Division of Fish and Wildlife

3900 Wildlife

Nuisance Game Animals


10.0 Nuisance Wildlife

(Penalty Section 7 Del.C. §103(d))

10.1 Incorporated Cities or Towns. Within the limits of residential or commercial areas of incorporated cities or towns, or within residential or commercial structures, the following game animals may be controlled (killed) without a permit when they are causing damage: gray squirrel, raccoon and opossum. Methods used to control said animals must be consistent with the laws of this State and the regulations of the Department and only live traps may be used (without a depredation permit) outside of established trapping seasons.

10.2 Commercial Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators. The Division may certify and permit commercial nuisance wildlife control operators to resolve human/wildlife conflicts.

10.2.1 Certification. To be permitted, all operators must complete and satisfactorily pass a nuisance wildlife control certification program designated by the Division. The certification will be for the owner/operator or proprietor of the business. Re-certification must occur every five years. Once permitted, the operator will be responsible for training all users under their permit. Operators must abide by all Division policies and notify potential clients of their fees. Failure to follow Division polices may result in the revocation of the Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator permit.

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