WAC 468-270-300: What other fees and discounts may apply to toll customers?

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 468 > Chapter 468-270 > Section 468-270-300


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WAC 468-270-300

What other fees and discounts may apply to toll customers?

The commission is authorized to adopt rules to assess administrative fees as appropriate for toll collection processes. Additionally, a toll customer may be required to pay fees set forth by state law for attempts to collect funds due to a state agency. The following table lists and explains the types and amount of administrative fees that a toll customer may be required to pay.
Table 8
Customer Fees and Discounts

Fee and Discount Type When is the administrative fee charged? What is the fee amount?

Paper Statements and Reprinting Fee Upon each mailing of a paper statement at the account holder's request. $0.50 per page (with a minimum fee of $1.50)

Inactive Account Fee After 24 months of no transactions on the account, this one-time fee will be assessed. $5.00

Reprocessing Fee This fee will be assessed when the department sends a reminder notice of unpaid tolls. The reminder notice to pay may be a summary or itemization of amounts owed and included as part of a toll bill or in any other correspondence to collect tolls. $5.00 per reminder notice to pay unpaid tolls

Pay By Plate Fee A customer who establishes a prepaid toll account but passes through a toll facility without a pass will be assessed this fee in addition to the Good To Go!™ Pass toll rate. $0.25 per transaction

Short Term Account A customer will receive a discount off the Pay By Mail toll rate, if the customer pays for the transaction not later than 72 hours after driving on the toll facility. $0.50 per transaction credit off the Pay By Mail toll rate

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