WAC 173-350-210: Recycling

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 173 > Chapter 173-350 > Section 173-350-210



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WAC 173-350-210


(1) Recycling - Applicability. These standards apply to recycling solid waste. These standards do not apply to:
(a) Storage, treatment or recycling of solid waste in piles which are subject to WAC 173-350-320;
(b) Storage or recycling of solid waste in surface impoundments which are subject to WAC 173-350-330;
(c) Composting facilities subject to WAC 173-350-220;
(d) Solid waste that is beneficially used on the land that is subject to WAC 173-350-230;
(e) Storage of waste tires prior to recycling which is subject to WAC 173-350-350;
(f) Storage of moderate risk waste prior to recycling which is subject to WAC 173-350-360;
(g) Energy recovery or incineration of solid waste which is subject to WAC 173-350-240;
(h) Intermediate solid waste handling facilities subject to WAC 173-350-310.
(2) Recycling - Permit exemption and notification.
(a) In accordance with RCW 70.95.305, recycling of solid waste is subject solely to the requirements of (b) of this subsection and is exempt from solid waste handling permitting. Any person engaged in recycling that does not comply with the terms and conditions of (b) of this subsection is required to obtain a permit from the jurisdictional health department in accordance with the requirements of WAC 173-350-490. In addition, violations of the terms and conditions of (b) of this subsection may be subject to the penalty provisions of RCW 70.95.315.
(b) Recycling shall be conducted in conformance with the following terms and conditions in order to maintain permit exempt status:
(i) Meet the performance standards of WAC 173-350-040;
(ii) Accept only source separated solid waste for the purpose of recycling;
(iii) Allow inspections by the department or jurisdictional health department at reasonable times;
(iv) Notify the department and jurisdictional health department, thirty days prior to operation, or ninety days from the effective date of the rule for existing recycling operations, of the intent to conduct recycling in accordance with this section. Notification shall be in writing, and shall include:
(A) Contact information for the person conducting the recycling activity;
(B) A general description of the recycling activity;
(C) A description of the types of solid waste being recycled; and
(D) An explanation of the recycling processes and methods;
(v) Prepare and submit an annual report to the department and the jurisdictional health department by April 1st on forms supplied by the department. The annual report shall detail recycling activities during the previous calendar year and shall include the following information:
(A) Name and address of the recycling operation;
(B) Calendar year covered by the report;
(C) Annual quantities and types of waste received, recycled and disposed, in tons, for purposes of determining progress towards achieving the goals of waste reduction, waste recycling, and treatment in accordance with RCW 70.95.010(4); and
(D) Any additional information required by written notification of the department.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.95 RCW. WSR 03-03-043 (Order 99-24), § 173-350-210, filed 1/10/03, effective 2/10/03.]

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