10:15-37-11. Felony convictions and pleas 

Published: 2015

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10:15-37-11. Felony convictions and pleas 

(a)    The provisions of this section shall be applicable, except where indicated, to applicants for the examination, examination candidates, applicants for certificates and licenses, and registrants.
(b)    When an applicant has been convicted of or plead guilty or nolo contendere to a felony, the applicant shall be required to furnish to the Board documentation of the charges and the final judgment of the Court in the form of certified documents from the Court file. Failure by an applicant for the examination to furnish adequate documentation no later than sixty (60) days prior to the commencement of the examination applied for shall result in denial of the application.
(c)    Failure of any applicant to cooperate with an investigation conducted by the Board shall result in denial of the application.
(d)    The Enforcement Committee shall review all documents pertaining to the applicant's conviction or plea and may further require that an investigation be conducted in accordance with Subchapter 37 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code.
(e)    The Board may obtain from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation or other sources a criminal record check of any applicant.
(f)    The Enforcement Committee shall make a preliminary determination of whether the applicant satisfies the requirement of good moral character as set forth in Sections 15.8 and 15.9 of the Act. The Enforcement Committee shall consider, but not be limited to, the nature of the felony conviction or plea and the time period which has elapsed since the offense was committed or judgement was entered.
(g)    When, in the opinion of the Enforcement Committee, public protection requires conditional approval of an applicant, the Enforcement Committee may negotiate a consent order with the applicant. The consent order shall set forth the terms and conditions proposed by the Enforcement Committee for approving the application. All consent orders must be either approved or disapproved by the Board.
(h)    If the Enforcement Committee is unable to negotiate a consent order with an applicant, or if the Board does not approve the consent order, a hearing may be held to determine whether the application may be approved and to determine conditions for such approval which may be imposed by the Board as a result of the hearing.
(i)    A list of all applicants having criminal histories, with information describing each felony conviction or plea and the penalty imposed for each, shall be presented to the Vice Chair. Board approval must be granted, or a hearing, as ordered by the Board, must be held in conjunction with each application presented to the Board.
(j)    Individual registrants who have a felony conviction or plea are subject to the provisions of the Act and the enforcement procedures set forth in this Subchapter.
[Source: Added at 16 Ok Reg 2084, eff 7-1-99; Amended at 20 Ok Reg 1897, eff 7-1-03; Amended at 21 Ok Reg 1981, eff 7-1-04]