Published: 2015

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Article 1 Hatcheries and Chick Dealers.

Section 2-16-1 Definitions.

Section 2-16-2 Promulgation of rules and regulations as to operation of public hatcheries, shipping into state of baby chicks, etc., eradication and control of poultry diseases, etc., by department authorized.

Section 2-16-3 Permit required; refusal or revocation of permit; appeal and review.

Section 2-16-4 Requirements for baby chicks, turkey poults and hatching eggs sold or offered for sale.

Section 2-16-5 Requirements for baby chicks, turkey poults and hatching eggs shipped or brought into state.

Section 2-16-6 Maintenance of records by public hatcheries and chick dealers or jobbers.

Section 2-16-8 Department to conduct program in accordance with national poultry improvement plan; acceptance and disposition of fees by department for services rendered poultrymen and hatcherymen participating in national poultry improvement plan.

Section 2-16-9 Violations of provisions of article or rules or regulations promulgated thereunder deemed misdemeanors; disposition of fines.

Article 2 Disease Control.

Division 1 General Provisions.

Section 2-16-20 Establishment, conduct and maintenance of poultry disease diagnostic laboratories.

Section 2-16-21 Adoption, conduct, etc., of program for prevention, eradication and control of infectious and contagious poultry diseases; cooperation by department, etc., with other state and federal agencies.

Section 2-16-22 Expenditure of funds appropriated for purpose of carrying out provisions of division.

Section 2-16-23 Legislative declaration as to serious nature of avian influenza; penalty for violation of laws regarding prevention, etc., of avian influenza.

Division 2 Poultry Waste, Dead Poultry and Unhatched or Unused Eggs.

Section 2-16-40 Purpose of division.

Section 2-16-41 Operators of commercial poultry hatcheries, etc., to be equipped with facilities for handling, destruction and disposal of dead poultry, unhatched or unused eggs, etc.; state board to adopt rules and regulations prescribing facilities required, manner of disposal of dead poultry, unhatched or unused eggs, etc.

Section 2-16-42 Administration and enforcement of division generally; quarantining of poultry and eggs produced on premises not equipped with prescribed disposal facilities; right of entry and inspection of State Veterinarian, etc.