Section 45-30-100

Published: 2015

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Section 45-30-100

Section 45-30-100Compensation of employees incapacitated on the job.

(a) This section shall only apply to Franklin County.

(b) When used in this section, the following terms shall have the following meanings, respectively:

(1) EDUCATIONAL AUTHORITY or EMPLOYER. The county school system; any public city school system; any school, college, or institution under the control of the State Board of Education located in Franklin County; any public college or university located in Franklin County.

(2) EMPLOYEE. Any teacher, counselor, advisor, librarian, coach, educational coordinator, psychometrist, substitute teacher, aide, college teacher, including professor, associate professor, assistant professor, and instructor, principal, supervisor, superintendent, administrative officer or assistant, ROTC employee, lunchroom or cafeteria worker, adult bus driver, student bus driver, maid, janitor, custodian, maintenance worker, secretary, clerk or clerical assistant, or any other employee, certified or noncertified, so employed full-time or part-time by the educational authority.

(3) ON-THE-JOB. During normal work hours or during the time the employee is performing a duty or task incidental to employment or official duties, or for the benefit of the employer.

(c) Each educational authority shall be authorized to continue the salary of any employee who is incapacitated as a direct result of injuries received while on the job, irrespective of the party at fault, for a period not to exceed one year from the time of incapacitation. The salary of the incapacitated employee, if approved by the employer, shall be paid to the employee in the same manner, method, and procedure as though the employee were on active employment status.

(d) The incapacitated employee, or his or her representative, shall furnish to the employer a letter or certificate of disability issued by a licensed physician certifying that the employee is unable to perform normal duties. If within 14 calendar days after receiving the physician’s certificate of disability the employer is dissatisfied with the physician’s judgment on disability, the employer may require the employee to submit to a medical examination by a physician of the employer’s choice, the expense of which shall be paid by the employer. In such case that there is a conflict in the judgments of the two physicians regarding the employee’s disability, final judgment shall be determined by the same principles and under the same procedures as any contested or disputed claim under the workers’ compensation statutes as contained in Title 25.

(e) Work days missed by the employee due to an on-the-job injury shall not be charged against the employee’s sick leave benefits, personal leave benefits, or any other benefit or compensation. If qualified under this section, the employee shall receive his or her due salary at the customary pay period without regard to any other compensation received, irrespective of source or sources derived.

(Act 86-310, p. 461, §§1-5.)