115:1-1-4. Committees 

Link to law: http://www.oar.state.ok.us/viewhtml/115_1-1-4.htm
Published: 2015

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115:1-1-4. Committees 

(a)    Referral of proposals to committees. All matters other than routine administration or procedural matters shall be referred to the appropriate committee for preliminary study and recommendations prior to final action by the Commission. This policy shall not apply to subject matter introduced on an emergency basis or under conditions which in the best judgment of the Commission chair or the Executive Committee should be considered by the Commission as a whole without such prior reference.
(b)    Committee quorum. A quorum of each committee is not less than 50 percent of its members and must include the chair or vice chair of the committee.
(c)    Committee designations. The following committees are established for the purposes outlined in this subsection. Committee chairs and vice-chairs shall be appointed by the Commission chair.
(1)    Executive Committee.
(A)    The Executive Committee shall consist of the following members:
(i)    the elected officers of the Commission:
(ii)    the State Capitol Architect and Curator:
(iii)    Director of Central Services;
(iv)    a representative of each appointing authority not represented by an elected officer, to be appointed by the Commission chair.
(B)    The Committee will act as the Budget and Finance Committee for the Commission with responsibility for developing in conjunction with the Department of Central Services, operating and capital construction budgets for the Capitol and Governor's Mansion. Such budget proposals shall be submitted to the Commission for approval.
(C)    Other responsibilities of the Executive Committee include:
(i)    intra-commission coordination;
(ii)    coordination with the responsibilities and activities of the Capitol Architect and Curator;
(iii)    establishing internal administrative and operating procedures;
(iv)    reviewing committee reports for Commission action;
(v)    developing legislation and executive branch coordination procedures and proposed legislation as needed; and,
(vi)    other activities considered to be outside the purview of other committees.
(D)    The Executive Committee is responsible for the following:
(i)    formulating policies, review, and control of all promotional material and media releases relating to responsibilities of the Commission;
(ii)    preparation of statements of goals and public relations targets;
(iii)    self-imposed restraints on public utterances;
(iv)    review and coordination of all presentations to media agencies;
(v)    production of Commission annual reports;
(vi)    developing plans and procedures for maintaining liaison and rapport with all state government agencies and departments, and for review of all such activities; and
(vii)    such other matters pertinent to a well developed and coordinated public relations effort.
(2)    Art Standards Committee. The Art Standards Committee is responsible for works of art, murals, portraits, sculptures and furnishings displayed in and around the public areas of the Capitol Building and first floor of the Governor's Mansion (see 115:10-1-2(b) for additional considerations regarding the Governor's Mansion), both permanent and temporary. The Art Standards Committee shall establish standards, which include the following:
(A)    acquisitions and commissioned works;
(B)    disposition or acceptance of donated works of art; and
(C)    restoration, preservation, inventory (description and value), storage, placement and location, security, and loaning of state-owned art pieces.
(3)    Architecture and Grounds Committee. The Architecture and Grounds Committee is responsible for the following:
(A)    The supervision of research, planning,

and oversight of all proposed restoration, reconstruction and renovation any part of the Capitol and the Governor's Mansion (see 115:10-1-3(g) for additional considerations regarding the Governor's Mansion);
(B)    Review of all building guide and information systems (signage);
(C)    Oversight of landscaping and maintenance of the building exteriors (in conjunction with the State Department of Parks and Recreation and the Capitol Improvement Committee);
(D)    Approval and placement of all monuments and sculptures surrounding the buildings;
(E)    Development and administering standards for all exterior, permanent or temporary displays.
(4)    Long Range Planning Committee. The Long Range Planning Committee is responsible for the following:
(A)    all planning and physical, financial, and public relations needs for the Commission programs and responsibilities that are projected for three (3) or more years in advance; and,
(B)    the formulation of long range goals and objectives and recommendations for policies, procedures, programs, and budget estimates to meet approved goals and objectives.
[Source: Added at 10 Ok Reg 2579, eff 6-25-93; Amended at 11 Ok Reg 3663, eff 7-11-94; Amended at 21 Ok Reg 487, eff 12-8-03 (emergency); Amended at 21 Ok Reg 2666, eff 7-11-04]