10:15-33-4. Enrollment and participation 

Link to law: http://www.oar.state.ok.us/viewhtml/10_15-33-4.htm
Published: 2015

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10:15-33-4. Enrollment and participation 

(a)    Participation in the program is required of each firm holding a permit from the Board that performs any services which require a peer review as provided in Section 15.30 of the Oklahoma Accountancy Act.
(b)    Firm enrollment is required as follows:
(1)    An existing firm required to participate under subsection (a) shall enroll in the peer review program of an approved sponsoring organization within one (1) year from the performance of services that require a peer review. The firm shall adopt the peer review due date assigned by the sponsoring organization, and must notify the Board of the date within thirty (30) days of its assignment. In addition, the firm shall schedule and begin an additional peer review within three (3) years of the previous peer review due date, or earlier as may be required by the sponsoring organization. It is the responsibility of the firm to anticipate its needs for peer review services in sufficient time to enable the reviewer to complete the peer review by the assigned review due date.
(2)    An existing firm that subsequently begins providing services as set forth in subsection (a) shall notify the Board of the change in status within thirty (30) days and provide the Board with enrollment information within twelve (12) months of the date the services were first provided and have a peer review within eighteen (18) months of the year end of the engagement performed. This provision shall also apply to any new firm that provides the services set forth in subsection (a).
(c)    In the event that a firm is merged, otherwise combined, dissolved, or separated, the sponsoring organization shall determine which firm is considered the succeeding firm. Any dispute of the sponsoring organization's determination shall be resolved by the Board. The succeeding firm shall retain its peer review status and the peer review due date.
(d)    Any firm having a permit revoked, suspended, surrendered, or cancelled, that held a permit from the Board at the time it provided any service requiring a peer review must enroll in a Board approved peer review program as provided in subsection 10:15-33-4(a) or submit a peer review report as provided in subsection 10:15-33-6(a).
(e)    The Board will accept extensions granted by the sponsoring organization to complete a peer review, provided the Board is notified by the firm within thirty (30) days of the date that an extension is granted.
(f)    A firm that has been rejected by a sponsoring organization for whatever reason shall notify the Board of:
(1)    Name of sponsoring organization rejecting the enrollment;
(2)    Reasons for the rejection;
(3)    Name of subsequently selected sponsoring organization.
(g)    A firm choosing to change to another sponsoring organization may do so only once a final acceptance letter has been issued indicating that all outstanding corrective actions have been completed and outstanding fees paid.
[Source: Added at 21 Ok Reg 1981, eff 7-1-04; Amended at 22 Ok Reg 387, eff 12-21-04 (emergency); Amended at 22 Ok Reg 1691, eff 7-1-05; Amended at 24 Ok Reg 1729, eff 7-1-07; Amended at 25 Ok Reg 1513, eff 7-1-08]