Department of Natural Resources - Private Dog Training Grounds Permit - Private dog training grounds permit and regulations.

Published: 2004-01-01

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(A) The regulations herein apply to dog training grounds which are established only for the training of dogs where the shooting of approved game birds is essential to complete training of a dog, and any use other than this will be considered grounds for revoking the permit.

(B) When making application for the initial establishment of dog training grounds, a check in the amount of seventy-five dollars payable to the division of wildlife must accompany the application as payment for the essential materials to be provided by the division of wildlife in the management of these grounds. These initial items will include twenty-five signs for posting, two hundred identification and transportation bands, which includes an applicator.

(C) A dog training grounds permit shall be issued to a new applicant at any time, but an application for renewal shall be submitted to the division prior to the expiration date of midnight each thirtieth day of April. Persons having a permit revoked for non-compliance with this rule or for a violation of section 1533.191 of the Revised Code shall cease all dog training on the area described on the application during the period of such revocation or suspension. If the permit is revoked, all signs shall be removed. If for any reason the permittee desires to discontinue his dog training grounds, he shall notify the division and immediately remove all signs from his grounds.

(1) No dog training grounds will be approved unless applied for on an official application form which will provide an accurate description of the boundary of the proposed grounds, acreage involved, location in relation to the nearest town and best route from same.

(2) All dog training grounds shall be personally inspected by a division of wildlife representative prior to the application being signed for final approval.

(D) Each individual or designated responsible club operator must maintain daily operation information on the forms provided by the division of wildlife. The names of individuals, band numbers of each bird released, number and species of dogs in the party must be entered prior to the party taking to the field. All kill information must be recorded upon completion of the training period and prior to leaving the grounds. This record must be available for inspection at any time by any authorized representative of the division of wildlife and must always be on the grounds at the time the grounds are being used. The daily use record summary must be mailed to the division of wildlife by the fifteenth day of May each year. Failure to maintain an accurate record and forward the same as required will be cause for revoking a permit.

(E) It shall be unlawful for any person possessing a permit under this rule to fail to record on the daily operation form provided by the division each unbanded bird accidentally shot on the grounds. The permittee shall band and release an equal number of live birds after the thirtieth day of April and no later than the tenth day of May each year. The band number of each replacement bird shall be recorded on the daily operation form provided by the division.

(F) The maximum size for dog training grounds is fifty acres. These grounds may not be established within the boundaries of a licensed shooting preserve. No dog training grounds may be established within fifteen hundred feet of a licensed shooting preserve except by the operator of that preserve.

(G) A person who possesses a dog training ground permit must also have the proper license as provided in section 1533.71 of the Revised Code when such person has game birds in possession.

(H) It shall be unlawful for any person to conduct shooting field trials on dog training grounds without first applying for and receiving a daily permit for such activity from the division in accordance with section 1533.19 of the Revised Code.

(I) It shall be unlawful for any person to possess a game bird killed on a dog training ground that does not have transportation band attached.

(J) It shall be lawful to use a quail recall or recapture pen within the boundaries of a division of wildlife approved private dog training ground. Provided further, it shall be unlawful to use a quail recall or recapture pen on any lands outside of a licensed private dog training ground.

(K) It shall be unlawful for more than three firearms with live ammunition to be used at the same time, for the purpose of dog training, on an approved dog training ground area located on private property.

(L) All definitions set forth in section 1531.01 of the Revised Code shall apply to this rule.