Department of Agriculture - Amusement Ride Standards; Bungee Jumping Standards - Go kart terminology.

Published: 2018-11-19

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As used in rules 901:9-1-42 to 901:9-1-46 of the Administrative Code:

(A) "Attendant" means a person who assists the track operator with guest direction and control but is not responsible for instructing and dispatching the concession go karts.

(B) "ASTM" means ASTM International. More information about ASTM and the location of their standards can be found by visiting

(C) "Barrier" means a device or a system of devices used to ensure go karts remain within the confines of a specified area.

(D) "Concession go kart" and "go kart" or "kart" mean an amusement ride or device, other than a race kart, which meets all of the following specifications:

(1) The device is a single vehicle which is unattached to other vehicles or a common frame system;

(2) Is self-powered without connection to a common energy source;

(3) Is driver controlled with respect to acceleration, speed, braking, and steering;

(4) Operates within the range of a defined track which is intended to replicate competitive motor sports;

(5) Is used by members of the general public;

(6) Has a maximum capacity of two persons; and

(7) Has no cargo capacity.

(E) "Containment system" means a device installed on the concession go kart track which defines the boundaries of the track and whose primary purpose is to contain the vehicles within the defined boundary.

(F) "Driver" means the person who manipulates and controls the direction of travel, braking, and speed control(s) on a concession go kart.

(G) "Open wheel/scaled racer concession go kart" means a concession go kart raced alone against a clock or for time with the maximum speed permitted governed by the track design and manufacturer's requirements and specifications.

(H) "Passenger" means the person who is transported aboard a concession go kart without having control of the direction of travel, braking, and speed of the vehicle.

(I) "Pit" means a defined station for the purpose of loading and unloading drivers and passengers during the initiation and conclusion of the ride cycle.

(J) "Race kart" means go karts purposefully built by the manufacturer for racing on tracks, streets, or other areas in competition.

(K) "Track" means a defined path intended to be used for the purpose of operation of concession go karts which is hard surfaced, and is fitted with a containment system to define the path of and retain the travel of vehicles.