Public Employees Retirement System - Benefits - Board travel and expense reimbursement policy.

Published: 2007-11-30

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(1) As provided in section 145.08 of the Revised Code and this rule, members of the public employees retirement board described in section 145.04 of the Revised Code shall be reimbursed by the public employees retirement system for travel expenses incurred for retirement system business that are:

(a) Actual, necessary and reasonable, and


(i) Incurred during attendance at meetings of the retirement board or its committees, or,

(ii) At meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops or sessions presented by other organizations and other group meetings as authorized by the retirement board.

(2) Meetings shall provide education to board members, be necessary for the performance of their duties, be appropriate to the general purpose of the retirement system and be in the interest of the retirement system's participants.

(3) "Actual, necessary and reasonable expenses" mean expenses which are incurred, appropriate in the circumstances, and within prudent judgment.

(B) Travel expenses for approved travel that are reimbursable from the retirement system include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Transportation

(a) Travel by common carrier shall be reimbursed in an amount limited to the actual cost of a coach or economy class ticket, except if no such ticket is available and the travel is necessary then at the actual cost of the available ticket.

(b) In-state travel by personal vehicle shall be reimbursed for mileage at the established reimbursable rate. Out-of-state travel by personal vehicle shall be reimbursed at the lesser of "portal to portal" or "air travel cost."

(i) "Portal to portal" expenditures for this calculation include the actual cost of lodging, meals, parking at place of lodging in route, and mileage at the established reimbursable rate.

(ii) "Air travel cost" expenditures for this calculation include the actual cost of a thirty-day advance coach air fare, airport parking, transportation from the airport to destination lodging, and mileage between home and the airport at the established reimbursable rate.

(c) The cost of a rental automobile if it is a reasonable alternative means of transportation under the circumstances.

(d) The cost of parking for a personal or rental vehicle if necessary and required.

(e) The cost of taxi cabs or public transportation where reasonable under the circumstances.

(2) Lodging at the single occupancy rate.

(3) Meals and beverages, excluding alcohol, at reasonable amounts not to exceed limits set by the board.

(4) Tips based on reasonable and customary amounts, not to exceed limits set by the board.


(a) Telephone calls or other electronic transmissions that are for retirement system business.

(b) Personal telephone calls to home/family when travel will require an overnight stay and then such calls must not exceed limits set by the retirement board.

(C) Reimbursement shall not be made for personal expenditures which include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Entertainment such as movies, theater or sports tickets, or green fees.

(2) Personal services such as valet service, laundry or dry cleaning, or other such goods or services. However, if travel is seven days or longer, reasonable laundry and dry cleaning expenses may be reimbursed.


(1) The board, at a regular or other meeting, shall approve in advance all travel for its board members except travel:

(a) To and from meetings of the board or its committees or other retirement system business within the state of Ohio, or

(b) For which a board member will not seek reimbursement.

(2) Requests for travel authorization shall be made in writing and submitted to the executive director who shall present the request to the board at its next meeting.

(3) A board member shall not be reimbursed for any expense if the travel for which the expense was incurred was not for system business, or the travel has not been authorized by the board.

(E) Requests for reimbursement of expenses for travel shall be submitted with the required documentation on a form provided by the system and in accordance with the system's reimbursement procedures.