Section: 067.2800 Citation of law--definitions--projects subject to municipal ordinances and regulations. RSMO 67.2800

Published: 2015

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Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 67

Political Subdivisions, Miscellaneous Powers


Section 67.2800.1


August 28, 2015

Citation of law--definitions--projects subject to municipal ordinances and regulations.

67.2800. 1. Sections 67.2800 to 67.2835 shall be known and may be

cited as the "Property Assessment Clean Energy Act".

2. As used in sections 67.2800 to 67.2835, the following words and

terms shall mean:

(1) "Assessment contract", a contract entered into between a clean

energy development board and a property owner under which the property

owner agrees to pay an annual assessment for a period of up to twenty years

in exchange for financing of an energy efficiency improvement or a

renewable energy improvement;

(2) "Authority", the state environmental improvement and energy

resources authority established under section 260.010;

(3) "Bond", any bond, note, or similar instrument issued by or on

behalf of a clean energy development board;

(4) "Clean energy conduit financing", the financing of energy

efficiency improvements or renewable energy improvements for a single

parcel of property or a unified development consisting of multiple

adjoining parcels of property under section 67.2825;

(5) "Clean energy development board", a board formed by one or more

municipalities under section 67.2810;

(6) "Energy efficiency improvement", any acquisition, installation,

or modification on or of publicly or privately owned property designed to

reduce the energy consumption of such property, including but not limited


(a) Insulation in walls, roofs, attics, floors, foundations, and

heating and cooling distribution systems;

(b) Storm windows and doors, multiglazed windows and doors,

heat-absorbing or heat-reflective windows and doors, and other window and

door improvements designed to reduce energy consumption;

(c) Automatic energy control systems;

(d) Heating, ventilating, or air conditioning distribution system

modifications and replacements;

(e) Caulking and weatherstripping;

(f) Replacement or modification of lighting fixtures to increase

energy efficiency of the lighting system without increasing the overall

illumination of the building unless the increase in illumination is

necessary to conform to applicable state or local building codes;

(g) Energy recovery systems; and

(h) Daylighting systems;

(7) "Municipality", any county, city, or incorporated town or village

of this state;

(8) "Project", any energy efficiency improvement or renewable energy


(9) "Property assessed clean energy local finance fund", a fund that

may be established by the authority for the purpose of making loans to

clean energy development boards to establish and maintain property assessed

clean energy programs;

(10) "Property assessed clean energy program", a program established

by a clean energy development board to finance energy efficiency

improvements or renewable energy improvements under section 67.2820;

(11) "Renewable energy improvement", any acquisition and installation

of a fixture, product, system, device, or combination thereof on publicly

or privately owned property that produces energy from renewable resources,

including, but not limited to photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems,

wind systems, biomass systems, or geothermal systems.

3. All projects undertaken under sections 67.2800 to 67.2835 are

subject to the applicable municipality's ordinances and regulations,

including but not limited to those ordinances and regulations concerning

zoning, subdivision, building, fire safety, and historic or architectural


(L. 2010 H.B. 1692, et al.)


Missouri General Assembly

Copyright © Missouri Legislature, all rights reserved.