WAC 173-26-100: Local process for approving/amending shoreline master programs

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 173 > Chapter 173-26 > Section 173-26-100



No agency filings affecting this section since 2003

WAC 173-26-100

Local process for approving/amending shoreline master programs.

Prior to submittal of a new or amended master program to the department, local government shall solicit public and agency comment during the drafting of proposed new or amended master programs. The degree of public and agency involvement sought by local government should be gauged according to the level of complexity, anticipated controversy, and range of issues covered in the draft proposal. Recognizing that the department must approve all master programs before they become effective, early and continuous consultation with the department is encouraged during the drafting of new or amended master programs. For local governments planning under chapter 36.70A RCW, local citizen involvement strategies should be implemented that insure early and continuous public participation consistent with WAC 365-195-600.
At a minimum, local government shall:
(1) Conduct at least one public hearing to consider the draft proposal;
(2) Publish notice of the hearing in one or more newspapers of general circulation in the area in which the hearing is to be held. The notice shall include:
(a) Reference to the authority(s) under which the action(s) is proposed;
(b) A statement or summary of the proposed changes to the master program;
(c) The date, time, and location of the hearing, and the manner in which interested persons may present their views; and
(d) Reference to the availability of the draft proposal for public inspection at the local government office or upon request;
(3) Consult with and solicit the comments of any persons, groups, federal, state, regional, or local agency, and tribes, having interests or responsibilities relating to the subject shorelines or any special expertise with respect to any environmental impact. The consultation process should include adjacent local governments with jurisdiction over common shorelines of the state;
(4) Where amendments are proposed to a county or regional master program which has been adopted by cities or towns, the county shall coordinate with those jurisdictions and verify concurrence with or denial of the proposal. For concurring jurisdictions, the amendments should be packaged and processed together. The procedural requirements of this section may be consolidated for concurring jurisdictions;
(5) Solicit comments on the draft proposal from the department prior to local approval. For local governments planning under the Growth Management Act, the local government shall notify both the department and the department of community, trade, and economic development of its intent to adopt shoreline policies or regulations, at least sixty days prior to final local approval, pursuant to RCW 36.70A.106;
(6) Comply with chapter 43.21C RCW, the State Environmental Policy Act; and
(7) Approve the proposal.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 90.58.140(3) and [90.58].200. WSR 96-20-075 (Order 95-17), § 173-26-100, filed 9/30/96, effective 10/31/96.]

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