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WAC 388-845-0210: Basic Plus Waiver Services

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 388 > Chapter 388-845 > Section 388-845-0210



Agency filings affecting this section

WAC 388-845-0210

Basic Plus waiver services.


  AGGREGATE SERVICES: May not exceed $6192 per year on any combination of these services

  Behavior support and consultation

  Community guide

  Environmental accessibility adaptations

  Occupational therapy  

  Physical therapy  

  Skilled nursing  

  Specialized medical equipment/supplies  

  Specialized psychiatric services  

  Speech, hearing and language services  

  Staff/family consultation and training  



  Prevocational services Limits are determined by DDA assessment and employment status

  Supported employment

  Individual technical assistance

  Community access Limits are determined by DDA assessment

  Adult foster care (adult family home) Determined per department rate structure

  Adult residential care (assisted living facility)

  BEHAVIORAL HEALTH STABILIZATION SERVICES: Limits determined by a behavioral health professional or DDA

  Behavior support and consultation

  Behavioral health crisis diversion bed services

  Specialized psychiatric services  

  Personal care Limits determined by the CARE tool used as part of the DDA assessment

  Respite care Limits are determined by the DDA assessment

  Sexual deviancy evaluation Limits are determined by DDA

  Emergency assistance is only for Basic Plus waiver aggregate services $6000 per year; preauthorization required

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