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WAC 468-270-030: Definitions

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 468 > Chapter 468-270 > Section 468-270-030



Agency filings affecting this section

WAC 468-270-030


"Authorized emergency vehicle" includes but is not limited to a vehicle of any fire department, police department, sheriff's office, coroner, prosecuting attorney, Washington state patrol, ambulance service, public or private or any other emergency vehicle as defined in RCW 46.04.040.
"Bona fide emergency" occurs when an authorized emergency vehicle, as defined herein, responds to or returns from an emergency call.
"Cash customer" means a toll customer who pays the toll on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in cash.
"Citizens advisory committee" means the citizens committee established by RCW 47.46.090 that advises the transportation commission on Tacoma Narrows Bridge toll rates.
"Department" means the Washington state department of transportation (WSDOT).
"Express toll lanes" means one or more highway lanes that can be used by authorized high-occupancy vehicles, and by toll-paying vehicles, where toll rates are set to maintain travel speed and reliability.
"Good To Go!™" is the name of the department's toll collection system.
"Good To Go!™ Pass" means the transponder device used to pay a toll by a customer who has a prepaid toll account.
"High-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes" means one or more lanes of a highway that charges tolls as a means of regulating access to or the use of the lanes in order to maintain travel speed and reliability. HOT lane supporting facilities include, but are not limited to, approaches, enforcement areas, improvements, buildings, and equipment.
"Pass" see Good To Go!™ Pass.
"Pay By Mail" means the method used to pay a photo toll when a toll bill is mailed to the vehicle's registered owner.
"Pay By Plate" means the method used to pay a photo toll by a customer who has a prepaid toll account through the use of a photo toll system.
"Photo toll" means a charge associated with a particular vehicle that is identified by its license plate and includes Pay By Mail, Pay By Plate and Customer-Initiated Payment.
"Short Term Account" means the method used to pay a photo toll when there is no regular toll account and the customer initiates payment no later than three days after the toll transaction.
"Toll account" means a prepaid account that is linked to a Pass (transponder) or license plates in order to pay a toll by automatic debit.
"Transponder (Pass)" means a device attached to a toll customer's vehicle that automatically identifies the toll customer's vehicle as it passes through the toll facility.
"Transportation commission (commission)" means the Washington state transportation commission whose duties and composition are set out in chapter 47.01 RCW. [Statutory Authority: Chapter 47.46 RCW and RCW 47.56.165. WSR 15-08-038, § 468-270-030, filed 3/25/15, effective 4/25/15; WSR 13-12-006, § 468-270-030, filed 5/23/13, effective 7/1/13. Statutory Authority: RCW 47.56.870, 47.56.785, 47.56.795, 47.56.830, and 47.56.850. WSR 11-04-007, § 468-270-030, filed 1/20/11, effective 12/3/11 at 12:00 a.m. per WSR 11-24-042. Statutory Authority: RCW 47.56.030, 47.46.100. WSR 07-13-010, § 468-270-030, filed 6/8/07, effective 7/9/07.]