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WAC 308-97-230: Appointment of vehicle trip permit agents

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 308 > Chapter 308-97 > Section 308-97-230


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Agency filings affecting this section

WAC 308-97-230

Appointment of vehicle trip permit agents.

(1) Who can sell vehicle trip permits?

Government agencies and nongovernmental organizations, including:
(a) Department of transportation;
(b) Department of licensing;
(c) County auditors;
(d) Vehicle licensing offices; and
(e) Private businesses approved by the department of licensing.
(2) How does a private business obtain approval to sell vehicle trip permits?

(a) Apply to the department of licensing;
(b) Enter into a written agreement with the department;
(c) Provide a surety bond; and
(d) Provide fee schedule if issuing permits electronically.
(3) How does a private business obtain an application to sell vehicle trip permits?

Obtain an application form from the department of licensing, prorate and fuel tax section.
(4) What are you required to do under the agreement?

You are required to:
(a) Pay fees on time;
(b) Make your records available for audit;
(c) Pay all interest and penalties;
(d) Maintain records of transmittals for a period of four calendar years and have these records available to the department during business hours;
(e) Send transmittals to the department on a bimonthly basis. Transmittals must be included with the appropriate fees; and
(f) Pay the department for any unaccounted for permit(s).
(5) What are the requirements of a surety bond?

The bond must:
(a) Be on a form provided by the department of licensing; and
(b) Meet the requirements of chapter 48.28 RCW for a corporate surety bond; and
(c) Be signed by the applicant; and
(d) Be payable to the state of Washington; and
(e) Be conditioned upon the performance of all the requirements of this section and RCW 46.16.160; and
(f) Require payment of all permit fees, audit assessments, interest and penalties; and
(g) Be equal to the value of vehicle trip permits issued to the agent by the department.
(6) How can vehicle trip permits be issued?

Permits can be issued in original form or, by fax, or electronic means.
(7) If the permit is issued by fax or other electronic means, can an additional fee be collected?

Yes. As long as the fee does not exceed that listed on the schedule filed with the department.
(8) What happens if you fail to comply with the agreement?

The department can revoke your appointment if you have violated any provisions of the agreement. Upon notice you must return all remaining vehicle trip permits and all money owed to the department.
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