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WAC 296-133-310: Appeal Briefs—Contents

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 296 > Chapter 296-133 > Section 296-133-310



No agency filings affecting this section since 2003

WAC 296-133-310

Appeal briefs—Contents.

In addition to the cover or title pages of the brief and any index, appeal briefs shall consist of the following subdivisions, titled with distinctive type and in the order indicated:
(1) Statement of the case. Under this heading the following shall be included: A brief statement of the nature of the case which is the subject of the appeal and a clear and concise statement of the facts appropriate to an understanding of the nature of the controversy, with page references to the record on appeal.
(2) Assignments of error. Each error relied upon and served with the notice of appeal shall be clearly pointed out and discussed under the appropriately designed headings. No alleged error of the authorized agent will be considered unless the same be definitely pointed out in the assignments of error in the appellant's brief. Whenever error is assigned to any findings of fact or conclusion of the authorized agent, so much of the findings or conclusions claimed to be erroneous shall be set out verbatim in the brief.
(3) Argument of counsel for appellant shall set forth and discuss the authorities in support of the position of the appellant and shall be appropriately designed and arranged for discussion and argument of the assignments of error and the issues arising out of such assignments of error with references where appropriate to the record on appeal.
(4) Argument of counsel for respondent. The brief of respondent on appeal need not contain a subdivision containing the assignments of error on appeal, but in the argument of counsel for respondent there shall be directed, under appropriately titled sections, argument and discussion in opposition to the assignments of error of the appellant, or in support of the decision of rulings of the authorized agent and where appropriate with supporting references to the pages of the record on appeal.
[Order 72-13, § 296-133-310, filed 7/31/72.]