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WAC 296-304-01007: Fire Safety Plan

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 296 > Chapter 296-304 > Section 296-304-01007



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WAC 296-304-01007

Fire safety plan.

(1) Employer responsibilities. The employer must develop and implement a written fire safety plan that covers all the actions that employers and employees must take to ensure employee safety in the event of a fire. (See Appendix A to this section for a model fire safety plan.)
(2) Plan elements. The employer must include the following information in the fire safety plan:
(a) Identification of the significant fire hazards;
(b) Procedures for recognizing and reporting unsafe conditions;
(c) Alarm procedures;
(d) Procedures for notifying employees of a fire emergency;
(e) Procedures for notifying fire response organizations of a fire emergency;
(f) Procedures for evacuation;
(g) Procedures to account for all employees after an evacuation; and
(h) Names, job titles, or departments for individuals who can be contacted for further information about the plan.
(3) Reviewing the plan with employees. The employer must review the plan with each employee at the following times:
(a) By March 1, 2006, for employees who are currently working;
(b) Upon initial assignment for new employees; and
(c) When the actions the employee must take under the plan change because of a change in duties or a change in the plan.
(4) Additional employer requirements. The employer also must:
(a) Keep the plan accessible to employees, employee representatives, and WISHA;
(b) Review and update the plan whenever necessary, but at least annually;
(c) Document that affected employees have been informed about the plan as required by this subsection; and
(d) Ensure any outside fire response organization that the employer expects to respond to fires at the employer's worksite has been given a copy of the current plan.
(5) Contract employers. Contract employers in shipyard employment must have a fire safety plan for their employees, and this plan must comply with the host employer's fire safety plan.
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