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WAC 174-162-300: Collection And Appeal

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 174 > Chapter 174-162 > Section 174-162-300



No agency filings affecting this section since 2003

WAC 174-162-300

Collection and appeal.

As an institution of public higher education administering public funds, the college has the responsibility to exercise due diligence in the collection of its outstanding accounts. To this end, the following policy is adopted:
(1) When students register, tuition and fee obligations are incurred unless the students officially withdraw by the fifth day of the quarter. Tuition and fees are payable in full by the fifth day of the quarter. Students who have not paid full tuition and fees prior to the sixth day of the quarter will be assessed a fifteen dollar late payment fee. Students who have not paid the full amount of tuition and fees by the thirtieth calendar day will be disenrolled for nonpayment of fees on the thirty-first calendar day. If the student is reinstated following disenrollment, a fifty dollar reinstatement fee will be assessed in addition to tuition and fees (as well as the late payment fee), and will be due and payable at the time of reinstatement. All other charges presented on accounts receivable statement forms are due and payable on the tenth day of the month following the month that the charges were recorded. Charges that are not paid when due are considered delinquent and as such are subject to interest and penalty charges.
(2) Every student has the right to appeal a decision to assess any fee, fine, charge, debt or other financial obligation to the college as long as the appeal is made within ten days after the written notice of assessment. The appeal must be in writing and directed to the budgetary unit head of the unit assessing the charge(s) in question. The budgetary unit head receiving the appeal must respond to the appeal within ten days of the date of the appeal. If the appeal is denied and the student has not resolved his or her financial obligation to the college within ten days after the response to the appeal, the college may take the action authorized by WAC 174-162-310. If the student is still in disagreement with the decision, he or she may initiate COG mediation procedures as long as those actions are started within ten days after the response to the appeal.
(3) All student charges will be turned over to student accounts for collection action.
(4) In the event an account becomes sixty days delinquent all facilities on campus will be notified to cancel all credit privileges for the account and the registrar will be advised to withhold the student's transcript and registration privileges.
(5) In the event an account becomes seventy-five days past due it will be turned over to the collection agency for collection and/or legal action if appropriate.
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