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WAC 173-430-050: Best management practices

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 173 > Chapter 173-430 > Section 173-430-050



Agency filings affecting this section

WAC 173-430-050

Best management practices.

(1) The task force must identify best management practices for agricultural burning that are economically feasible and socially acceptable. Practical alternative production methods and controls which would reduce or eliminate agricultural burning must be used when reasonably available.
(2) The task force may establish an agricultural burning general best management practice and crop-specific best management practices as appropriate. The task force will work in conjunction with conservation districts and extension agents or other local entities in developing best management practices. The task force may review and approve crop-specific best management practices which have been developed or recommended by an individual or group.
(3) Approved best management practices information will be available from permitting authorities. The task force, as it deems necessary, will hold public workshops on best management practices that have changed or are new and will periodically review the best management practices starting three years after approval.
(4) The task force will clarify best management practices and make interpretative decisions as needed, considering all authoritative sources on the subject.
(a) An individual or group may request a best management practice clarification from the task force.
(b) The chair of the task force may direct the questioned practice to a subgroup of task force members, provided that agricultural, research, and regulatory interests are included and all task force members are notified, or may direct it to the whole task force.
(5) The task force will change best management practices as necessary to incorporate the latest research.
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