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WAC 388-850-025: Program operation—General provisions

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 388 > Chapter 388-850 > Section 388-850-025



No agency filings affecting this section since 2003

WAC 388-850-025

Program operation—General provisions.

(1) The provisions of this section shall apply to all programs operated under authority of the acts.
(2) The county and all contractors and subcontractors must comply with all applicable law or rule governing the department's approval of payment of funds for the programs. Verification may be in the manner and to the extent requested by the secretary.
(3) State funds shall not be paid to a county for costs of services provided by the county or other person or organization who or which was not licensed, certified, and approved as required by law or by rule whether or not the plan was approved by the secretary.
(4) The secretary may impose such reasonable fiscal and program reporting requirements as the secretary deems necessary for effective program management.
(5) Funding.

(a) The department and county shall negotiate and execute a contract before the department provides reimbursement for services under contract, except as provided under WAC 388-850-020(10).
(b) Payments to counties shall be made on the basis of vouchers submitted to the department for costs incurred under the contract. The department shall specify the form and content of the vouchers.
(c) The secretary may make advance payments to counties, where such payments would facilitate sound program management. The secretary shall withhold advance payments from counties failing to meet the requirements of WAC 388-850-020 until such requirements are met. Any county failing to meet the requirements of WAC 388-850-020 after advance payments have been made shall repay said advance payment within thirty days of notice by the department that the county is not in compliance.
(d) If the department receives evidence a county or subcontractor performing under the contract is:
(i) Not in compliance with applicable state law or rule; or
(ii) Not in substantial compliance with the contract; or
(iii) Unable or unwilling to provide such records or data as the secretary may require, then the secretary may withhold all or part of subsequent monthly disbursement to the county until such time as satisfactory evidence of corrective action is forthcoming. Such withholding or denial of funds shall be subject to appeal under the Administrative Procedure Act (chapter 34.05 RCW).
(6) Subcontracting. A county may subcontract for the performance of any of the services specified in the contract. The county's subcontracts shall include:
(a) A precise and definitive work statement including a description of the services provided;
(b) The subcontractor's specific agreement to abide by the acts and the rules;
(c) Specific authority for the secretary and the state auditor to inspect all records and other material the secretary deems pertinent to the subcontract; and agreements by the subcontractor that such records will be made available for inspection;
(d) Specific authority for the secretary to make periodic inspection of the subcontractor's program or premises in order to evaluate performance under the contract between the department and the county; and
(e) Specific agreement by the subcontractor to provide such program and fiscal data as the secretary may require.
(7) Records: Maintenance. Client records shall be maintained for every client for whom services are provided and shall document:
(a) Client demographic data;
(b) Diagnosis or problem statement;
(c) Treatment or service plan; and
(d) Treatment or services provided including medications prescribed.
(8) Liability.

(a) The promulgation of these rules or anything contained in these rules shall not be construed as affecting the relative status or civil rights or liabilities between:
(i) The county and community agency; or
(ii) Any other person, partnership, corporation, association, or other organization performing services under a contract or required herein and their employees, persons receiving services, or the public.
(b) The use or implied use herein of the word "duty" or "responsibility" or both shall not import or imply liability other than provided for by the statutes or general laws of the state of Washington, to any person for injuries due to negligence predicated upon failure to perform on the part of an applicant, or a board established under the acts, or an agency, or said agency's employees, or persons performing services on said agency's behalf.
(c) Failure to comply with any compulsory rules shall be cause for the department to refuse to provide the county and community agency funds under the contract.
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