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WAC 16-104-310: Minimum facility and operating requirements for shell egg grading and packing plants

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 16 > Chapter 16-104 > Section 16-104-310



No agency filings affecting this section since 2003

WAC 16-104-310

Minimum facility and operating requirements for shell egg grading and packing plants.

General requirements for buildings and plant facilities.
(1) Buildings shall be of sound construction so as to prevent, insofar as practicable, the entrance or harboring of vermin, including all domestic pets, insects, rodents, birds, etc. This applies to:
(a) All grading room areas.
(b) Any storage areas for eggs or cases and cartons. Egg case and carton storage shall be clean and dry, free from dust or any odorous material that could be absorbed by cases or cartons.
(2) Grading and packing rooms shall be of sufficient size to permit installation of necessary equipment and the conduct of grading and packing in a sanitary manner. These rooms shall be kept reasonably clean during grading and packing operations and shall be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each operating day.
(a) Floor shall be constructed of washable materials, tight, reasonably smooth, and in good repair.
(b) Floor drains shall be provided where floors are subjected to flood type cleaning or where normal operations release or discharge water or liquid wastes onto the floor.
(c) All floor areas shall be kept clean.
(3) Adequate lavatory/toilet (restroom) accommodations shall be provided. Lavatory/toilet and locker rooms shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition. Hot and cold running water shall be provided. Rooms shall be ventilated to the outside of the building. Signs shall be posted in the restrooms instructing employees to wash their hands before returning to work. Lavatory/toilet rooms shall be equipped with handwashing facilities including soap and sanitary towels.
(4) A separate refuse room or a separate designated area for the accumulation of trash must be provided in plants which do not have a system for the daily removal or destruction of such trash.
(5) Areas subjected to moisture:
(a) Wood benches, platforms, etc., in areas which are subjected to moisture shall be maintained in good repair or made from other construction materials impervious to moisture and odors.
(b) Wood walls or partitions shall be maintained in good repair or be replaced with materials impervious to moisture and odor build up.
(c) Newly constructed plants should be equipped with nonporous material benches, platforms, etc., in areas which are subjected to moisture. Wood benches, platforms, etc., are allowed when maintained in a sanitary, odor free condition.
(6) Walls and ceilings:
(a) Walls and ceilings shall be kept clean, in good repair and free of cobwebs and dust.
(b) Ceiling shall be dust tight if space overhead is used for storage or other purposes.
(7) Doors and windows: Effective means shall be provided to prevent entrance insofar as practicable of insects, rodents, birds or other vermin and dust.
(8) Hygiene of personnel. Plant personnel coming into contact with shell eggs shall wear clean clothing, free from animal waste, dust, loose dirt or prohibited chemical contamination.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 69.25.030 and chapters 42.30 and 35.05 [34.05] RCW. WSR 92-01-091, § 16-104-310, filed 12/17/91, effective 1/17/92.]