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WAC 16-228-1380: What are the requirements for application of rodent control pesticides?

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 16 > Chapter 16-228 > Section 16-228-1380



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WAC 16-228-1380

What are the requirements for application of rodent control pesticides?

Rodent control pesticides shall be used in and around structures only under the following conditions, provided that the use of rodent control baits registered for home and garden use only, is exempt from this section:
(1) Bait shall only be placed in locations not readily accessible to children, pets and nontarget wildlife, provided that when properly secured, a locked and/or sealed tamper-resistant bait box may be used in accessible locations.
(2) Locked bait boxes are required for all outdoor, aboveground bait placement.
(3) Bait shall not be placed in a manner that can contaminate, or be easily translocated to food, feed, drugs, or other consumer commodities. Spilled bait must be cleaned up immediately.
(4) Loose bait, whether contained in a bait box or not, shall not be placed above floor levels, including but not limited to suspended ceilings, shelves, ledges, cupboards and counters. Except that, loose bait may be placed on the floor of an attic, including unfinished walking surfaces, or bottom surfaces in conformance with all other requirements of this section.
(5) All bait boxes and containers used for bait placement shall be of sturdy construction, composed of durable, nonabsorbent, corrosion resistant material and designed to prevent overturning. All bait containers holding liquid bait shall be liquid impervious and shall be properly secured.
(6) All bait boxes and containers used for bait placement shall be labeled with letters on contrasting background and maintained with the following information clearly legible on the outside of the bait box or container:
(a) The name, physical address, and telephone number of the company and/or certified applicator.
(b) The name, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration number, and active ingredient(s) of the rodent control pesticide product.
(7) When detection baits without pesticides are placed in bait containers, the container must clearly identify that the contents are not a pesticide.
(8) Rodenticide bait, when in use to fill bait containers shall be handled with caution according to the label, shall not be left unattended where children or nontarget animals might be exposed to the contents and be in a container that bears an EPA registered label.
(9) Upon completion of a baiting operation, all bait, if it may become readily accessible to the public, shall be recovered and disposed of according to the product label.
(10) Rodenticide tracking powders shall not be used in any manner that will expose people, nontarget animals, food, feed, drugs, or other consumer commodities to the powder. The use of rodenticide tracking powders is prohibited in or on residential structures, except by written permission of the Washington state department of agriculture. Applicators who wish to use a rodenticide tracking powder in or on a residential structure must submit a request in writing to be received by the department at least seven days prior to the intended application date. The written request must include:
(a) The name, address, and telephone number of the occupants of the structure.
(b) The date and time of the intended application.
(c) The specific locations in or on a structure and the means by which the rodenticide tracking powder will be applied.
(d) A justification for the need to use the rodenticide tracking powder.
(e) What steps will be taken to ensure the rodenticide tracking powder does not contaminate any living area or otherwise result in an exposure to people or nontarget animals.
(11) Rodenticide tracking powder that contaminates an unintended location must be immediately and thoroughly cleaned up according to label instructions, or in the absence of label instructions, according to instructions obtained from the manufacturer.
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